Leg Makeup

You got bruises, scars, freckles and veins coming out of your legs and stops you from wearing miniskirts, shorts and bikinis? Well you have to thank leg makeup because it allows you again to go out in public with your legs off.

Makeup is not only applied on the face but also on legs. Its purpose is the same with face makeup. Its texture is thicker than the traditional concealer and foundation we put on our face. It hides scars, tattoos, veins, bruises, birthmarks and even your age, and the most important one; it will make your legs look smooth, flawless and perfect. It is made to be applied on different body areas, arms, stomach, back and the legs. With leg makeup, it ceased your longs pants outfit throughout the year, you don’t have to hide your legs with everyone, and you’ll have the confidence to walk in public showing your beautiful and perfect legs.

Slikovni rezultat za Leg Makeup

How to do the leg makeup?Just like putting makeup on face, it has to be smooth. Moisturizer is to face as shaver is to legs. Your legs must be smooth as possible before starting the makeup process. So, shave, exfoliate and moisturize your legs. You must consider this tip: if you have scars, veins and raised impurities, it is recommended to apply primer that is in a gel or cram form to help out even the imperfections. Next, apply the body makeup. It works the same with face foundation. But, when you apply it, don’t be tempted to use your fingertips when blending it. Fingertips have natural oils which makes it harder for the makeup to blend well. Instead, use sponge when blending the makeup in your skin. Preferably, use the latex type and have that natural leg makeup finish. If you’re not satisfied with the coverage of the body makeup, you may put on concealer

Slikovni rezultat za Leg MakeupRemember to use brush when blending. It’s much better if the amount of concealer would be the same with the size that you want to cover up. The last thing you would do is to finish your work with a dusting of powder on your leg. It may sound a bit odd but it works the best. Finishing any makeup work with a dusting of powder helps makeup to stay longer on skin and helps it from smudging and staining your clothes. Helpful tip: let your makeup dry completely and totally before putting on your clothes. It saves your makeup from being ruined. 

Tips for keeps

You’ll be needing makeup brushes when you do your leg makeup. These brushes must be used in blending. DON’T USE FINGERTIPS.

Use smaller brushes to cover small scars while bigger brush hides larger scar.

A translucent type of powder is suggested to use as finishing.

Hygiene. Hygiene. Hygiene. Keep your tools clean all the time. Wash it every after use.

Almost all body makeup is in cream form, however, you can also find airbrush body makeup that you can easily apply.

When choosing powder, make sure that it matches your foundation and skin tone. Darker shade must also be used but don’t go any darker than your arms.

I hope this five simple steps can help you gain back confidence to go out in public wearing shorts, skirts and bikinis and show off your beautiful and perfect legs that everyone envy.


Free makeup samples free shipping

Who doesn’t want to have free makeup samples? We all want free samples. There are lots of companies that offer free makeup samples but asks you shipping charge. You can get free samples from magazines and TV ads, but the best place to look for free samples with free shipping is online! This is the best way if you want to try new product and still unsure if you will like it or not, or if you want to switch brands of your lipstick but doesn’t know which one to use.

Availing free samples

You can save money with this free beauty samples, especially if you’re a broke college student or if you are a type of person who doesn’t want to spend a penny for unsure products. When you browse through the web, you will find list of website that offers free makeup samples. From beauty products, hair and skin care and many more. Other websites will ask you to fill out their ordering form. They will ask you some personal information such as your name, email address, home address and telephone number. Once they got your email address, they will send you spam messages that will keep your inbox full, but you may unsubscribe anytime you want. When you’re done filling out the form, they will read it and prepare your product to be shipped right in front of your door. Sounds exciting, right? But since it is totally free, don’t expect that the product will be shipped overnight. It could take as much as 8weeks or even longer. Just be patient enough in waiting and your product will arrive. You may subscribe from different emails and order different products at the same time and the ordered products will arrive at the same time.

Slikovni rezultat za Free makeup samples

Tips for keeps

Other website or company would say that samples are totally free. But actually, there are hidden charges for shipping. Before giving out any personal information, especially if they are asking for your debit card or credit card, read the details thoroughly. Or to be safe, never give out any credit card info.

If not necessary, don’t give your email address. They are going to send you number of spam messages that I am sure, you will not like to see in your inbox.

Delivered sample products are usually smaller than the product size, so you will only have it for short period of time. But there are others that do not have sample size, so they send the product size itself. Isn’t it amazing?


Free Cosmetic Samples without Surveys

Distribution of free cosmetic samples without surveys is one of the strategies and tactics of a beauty company to make their name and products popular. They give different forms of beauty products, from skin care, hair care and cosmetics. These free products are also available at department store isle. They, the sales clerk, will ask you to fill up their forms or sometimes coupons and then you will have now the free samples. Some companies start making their own tester’s booth. The customers then try the products to see it passes their standards and tastes as well. People who will try this will really save money since they don’t have to spend money to see if the product is good or not.

Where and how can I get free samples without surveys?

You can have it directly from companies but it’s a little bit hard, or if you want, you visit some websites, twitter, facebook pages and email. Just browse through their website as frequent as you can. Answer their questions and fill up numbers of forms. There are other websites wherein in if you find the product interesting, just fill out the form and order the sample through mail. The product will then be delivered sooner, or in some cases it may take up to eight weeks, depending on the company. You may also do this, visit their website page, and subscribe to their newsletter to keep you updated if there are any promotions. Like their facebook page, leave a comment and send them a friendly mail. The products that they send you are samples size. Sometimes, there are products that don’t come in trial size so they send you the full size product!

Why do companies do this?

Free Cosmetic SampleGiving away free samples is just one of the marketing strategies that companies make. Almost 1/3 of the population is women, that is why when there are free makeup samples without surveys, it’s the women that is more interested in availing them. When the products are already on the hand of the customers, there is this possibility that their sales will increase because of the saying that goes “if people try, they might buy”. Once they have tried it and they liked it, they surely will brag it to their friends, and since it got a good feedback, people who heard it will give it a try thus giving the company an increase on their sales. Another reason is why they do this strategy is when they do monitoring on contest and competition between companies. Aside from that, it also gives them an idea on how to draw the attention of possible buyers in the future.

Advantages and disadvantages of samples without surveys

  • It saves your money because you don’t have to spend a dime to try a shade of new lipstick if it will suit your taste.
  • Cosmetic samples without surveys have no assurance and doesn’t promise you if it is of quality or not.
  • Also, it may give your skin some allergies and rashes after usage.

Examples of cosmetic samples that are given away are lotions, hair care, skin care, and makeup.


Makeup Clearance

Most girls love to wear makeup every time they go out. It’s like they can’t step out the door with any make up on. But if you’re one of those people who likes bargain, good buy and doesn’t want to pay full price of makeup products, makeup clearance is here for you. Here are some ways and ideas to have a good deal and good buy of cosmetics that would still give you beauty and elegance.

Seek out Samples

Some other brands of cosmetics give out samples and testers to give their customers to try out themselves. Wander and roam around the cosmetic section, you’ll find them there. But of course, don’t expect that the size would be large as what you think.

Clearance Lanes

Most of the cosmetic brands do clearance sale on their top selling make-up products. In fact, you’ll be able to find different and various shades, colors and types of the top quality makeup. What’s best and nice during clearance sales is that they sell it up to 90% off from its original selling price and quality is still there. Isn’t it awesome, right?

Have a Party

There are lots of makeup reps that throw out makeup party for their customers.  They give gifts for every makeup you purchase. In this way, you get another high quality makeup without spending a penny.

Internet shopping

Makeup ClearanceGo get your computer and search the internet. There are a lot of online shops that offer high quality makeup products at a reasonable price. The most visited website for searching is Google- input the word “cheap makeup” and it will give you different websites to choose on. An example is eBay, which is an auction website.

Discount Coupons

Beauty companies gives and offers discount coupons to their customers. Rove around the different sections of cosmetics in the department stores and you’ll find great deal on various products. Just be sure to keep an eye regularly on stores.

Yard Sales

It may seem impossible and hard to believe but yes, this happens. When you go at yard sales, be sure that the makeup was not opened at all and is brand new. Nobody wants to buy dirty and contaminated products and apply it on their face. Check out also their expiry dates. Usually, those products for sale are gifts given to them and they don’t want it for a reason that we don’t know. So instead of throwing them, why not sell them for a cheaper price (it was just a gift anyway, you didn’t spend a dime for it).


Glitter Makeup Makes You Shine

Most of us love glittery and shiny things. That’s why when we do some art crafts, glitters are always on the list. Aside from making your work bright and colorful, it could also lift up your mood when you feel blue. Glitter is not only for little girls who want to do some art craft, it’s also for grown up ladies who want to spice up their makeup look. So put out your old dusty crafts box and explore the glitter world of makeup and start rocking the glitter look.  Get this 5 glitter makeup tips and receive number of compliments.

Don’t overload

Glitter may sometimes be irritating to some areas and feel uncomfortable especially if not applied properly. A little bit of glitter is enough. If you want to wear glitter, make it specific to one area. You don’t want to look like you just popped out of a crafts box. So choose where are you going stick your glitters, whether your eyes, nails, eyeshadow, lips or shoes. That’s the rule of one.

Consider the Occasion

You might want to keep away from the glittery look on a formal occasion like business meetings, and professional surroundings. But if you’re out with your friends for a walk, stroll or mall shopping, glittery lipstick and polish is ok to add a little fun to your look.

Apply Properly

glitter makeupThis has not something to do with strokes. What I mean about this is the area where you’re going to apply it as this can be irritating. When you’re using loose glitter eyeshade, spray your applicator first with a setting agent to keep the glitter and in place.

Coordinate your outfit 

Remember the rule of one. Go for a subtle and light makeup if you wearing sparkly dresses or shoes because what you want is to look glamorous and fabulous.

Touch ups 

Makeup will really wear off throughout the day. Even if you used a setting agent, sparkles will find its way to spread. Have in hand a setting spray just in case your glitter makeup goes off. If there are any loose sparkles, just dust it off with glitters.

Now we’re done with the tips. It’s your time now to try and explore and give yourself that glittery glamour look!