When to go for Blue Eyeshadow

If you have decided to go for blue eyeshade for a change in your look this is the best article for you.  We’re going to help you decide which shade of blue will best compliment you, share with you some tips on how to wear it and many more.

Choosing Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshade works with almost all eye colors.  It has varieties of shades. It comes in deep blue, royal blue, dark blue, light blue, navy blue and the likes. Though it works fine with every eye color, there are still some factors that you have to put into consideration, like your hair type, skin and eye color. Choose shades such as ocean blue for fair skin type while intense blue for those who have darker skin color. Now that you know the different shades of blue, you also have to take note the type of eyeshadow that you’re going to use. Eyeshades comes in different forms, there are gel, cream, loose, glitter and many more. You can try and play colors to see yourself which and what perfectly suits you and your taste as well.

Applying blue eyeshadow

Work on a clean face. So wash your face with soap and rinse with water. pat dry with a clean fluffy towel. Hide blemishes using concealer. Cover face with foundation, making sure it extends on your jaw line. Blend it well. Now let’s work on with your eyes. Apply primer to hold the shadow last longer (you may skip this if you don’t have a primer). We’re going to create a smokey effect using blue eyeshadow. Apply the lighter shade on entire eyelid. Next, the deepest tone should only be applied to highlight eye corners.  To create the illusion that you want, pick your darkest shade and apply it on the crease of your eye. Remember to blend. Finish your look with lots of mascara.

Additional tips

blue eyeshadowDarker shades are only applied on your creases. It should not reach your brow bone.

If you want to do blending, lighter shades such as tan, grey, and brown should be used. Apply it on entire eyelid and your shade of choice should be applied on upper lash line or on your eyelid up to the creases.

Don’t wear eyeshadow that is the same with the color of your outfit. If you’re wearing blue eyeshade, go for plain whites so the attention will still be on your eyeshadow.

If you want to put your hands back on black eyeliner, you can go for colored liners. Make sure that it matches the darkest shade of your eye makeup. Other eyeliner shades that can be used are the metallic ones, like silver, gold, bold pink and even metallic shimmery blue liner will still work and can give you amazing results.

Black mascaras compliments well with blue eyeshades. Wear only natural make up on your cheeks and lips. No to colored lipsticks such as pink, red and etc.


Applying Eyeshadow: Tips on How to Wear

Most women don’t get the right trick on how to properly apply eyeshadow and sometimes they end up looking like a clown. I’ve got here some easy tips and steps on how to get it right.

The first thing to consider is:

  1.  Shape of the eye- there are different types of eyes, from rounded to almond to Asian to hooded lids and dark lids. There’s a certain stroke for every eye shape.
  2. Eye color- don’t try to pick color that is in contrast to the color of your eye. Instead, choose colors that compliment and goes with your eye color. A lighter shade for natural eye color and dark tone for darker eye color.
  3. Skin tone- always remember, women with fair skin should go with lighter shade to enhance and to define their eyes, while those with lighter skin color should wear dark eyeshadow shade to bring and draw attention to their eyes.
  4. Clothing- many of us women try to choose eyeshade color that is the same with the color of our dress. That is a big no no. When you do that, you end up looking silly and funny. (Don’t let it trick you again).
  5. Applicator- the applicator plays a great role when applying eyeshadow. Dirty or previously used applicator will not give you the color result that you wanted. Because a dirty applicator has some residues left and when you use it, the residues will mix up to your eyeshadow giving you a different color.
  6. Don’t overdo it- we wear eyeshadow to bring out and compliment the natural color of our eyes.Applying Eyeshadow Learn how to balance, not too much and not too little. Here’s a tip: always put less color to your brush because it’s much easy to add eyeshadow than to remove it.

You may apply eye make-up first, once you’re done, you can now put concealer or foundation to the rest of your face. By doing this, it will be easier to remove any eye powder that may have flaked and crumbled underneath. Prepare your eye with concealer and dust it off with powder before applying eyeshadow.

Blending in

This is the stage when you already mastered the proper and correct application of eye makeup. It is very important that it is properly done so you won’t end up with a mess. Overdoing or let’s say too much eye makeup has been applied, don’t be tempted to wipe off everything. Grab a piece of cotton and gently blot any excess makeup until you reach and achieve the desired result. When you want to make a blended effect, make sure that you only lightly brush the applied areas to achieve this effect.

how to apply eyeshadowEyeshadow application tips 

  • If you want to get a sophisticated and classic look, matte powder eyeshades should be applied. It will also give emphasis on your eye color and shape.
  • Giving shiny eye look is ok. Shine is best applied on the brow bone.
  • Have atleast two eye shadow applicator on hand to prevent color mixing.
  •  Tapping off the brush before applying prevents over-application of eyeshadow.
  • After applying eyeshadow, it is best to finish with an eyeliner and mascara.

The Reality of Permanent Eye Makeup

Working has always taken a big chunk of my time. In fact, the hours I devote to working have been continuously increasing, causing me to allot less time for myself. My busy schedule has somehow restricted me from making sure that I looked good whenever I leave the confines of my home. Then, I discovered the magic of cosmetic makeup procedures. I’ve undergone a few, mostly overseas, in different clinics by different experts.

Fortunately, all procedures have turned into quite successes. Since then, I have been amazed by the consistent results of the procedures. The convenience of cosmetics, especially permanent eye makeup, has undoubtedly revolutionized the lives of working women in general.

Permanent Eye Makeup Saves A Lot of Time

Fact is, permanent eye makeup does not only save quite a number of minutes upon application, but at the same time, it boosts my confidence a lot. Applying less makeup while still looking polished and fresh (while saving more time) has made me decide to give permanent eye makeup a try. Waking up to no smudges, perfect brows, even eyeliner, and vibrant eyes must be every woman’s dream. And permanent eye makeup seems to fit the description like a tee!

For the longest time, I have been an advocate of the convenience that permanent eye makeup brings with. But I feel the strong need to be clear that, having some part of your face tattooed permanently is considered to be a serious decision that one ought to discern upon completely. At the end of the day, this is still something permanent, whether you like it or not, and it will stay on your face for as long as it lasts.

I had my first encounter with permanent eye makeup in Asia, where I met some of the world’s best cosmetic surgeons in a cosmetic facility in Hong Kong. Later that year, I had my eyeliner retouched in Taipei, just before I got married. This allowed me to enjoy my honeymoon on the beaches of Macau without having to worry much about putting on my makeup perfectly.

Permanent Eye Makeup Is For Everyone 

Permanent Eye MakeupHowever, throughout my travels around the world as a cultural journalist, I have witnessed a lot of ladies who suffered from permanent eye makeup procedures which have totally gone awry. In most cases, the arch of the brow was overly pronounced, making it appear extremely unnatural even at first sight. Typically, the brow was mostly tattooed above the natural brow that it looks more like a solid stain rather than a supposedly feathery texture it ought to have.

This mistake in tattooing the brows is commonly attributed to the fact that most women tend to have their eyebrows (with natural hair) completely removed first, through electrolysis, or some other hair removal procedure. Usually, women who live in villages across rural areas fall subject to inaccurate permanent eye makeup procedures.

To take an example, women who reside in some of China’s isolated regions often suffer the consequences of wrong procedures of permanent eye makeup. Since little of the more modern technology regarding the procedure has reached these places, most cosmeticians just use ordinary Chinese black ink used for tattooing other parts of the body, including the eyebrows as well. But considering the more advanced technology used for permanent eye makeup procedures in international clinics, patients are presented with a wide array of choices in terms of pigment colors, blending, etc.

But the question remains, is it advisable for virtually everyone to get permanent eye makeup? Well, some women are more inclined to undergo this procedure for a variety of reasons. When a specific illness causes one to lose her eyebrows totally, then having her eyebrows tattooed would seem to be an apt solution. While tattooing her brows, the feathering technique seems to be the best option to use, since this involves the use of tiny strokeswhich are gently applied to the brow, appearing like feathers, and not just one solid line. While women who have naturally sensitive skin or whoseskin scar easily should think twice when considering permanent eye makeup procedures.

However, if you still remain unsure on getting permanent eye makeup, it is best advised to start with something more minor, such as getting permanent eyeliner on you lashes. It is therefore best to have your makeup specialist first tattoo a fine outline, then wait if the skin reacts to it well or not. If all seems to be well, then what’s stopping you from getting the convenience that permanent eye makeup offers?


Green Eyeshadow: Tips on How to Wear it

Tired of trying which eyeshade perfectly fits your eye color? Asked others opinion which eyeshadow to wear? Most women surely have experienced this. Trying different shades of eyeshadow will help learn if what color perfectly fits your eyelids, just like green eyeshadow.

Matching eyeshadows with you eyes

Certain eye colors go well with green eyeshadow, while others do not. A shade of green eyeshade looks great on people who have green eyes. But of course, it takes practice, time and patience too. Trying other color of eye makeup that is different to your eye color will help you decide which shadow looks most appealing to you. While most of the time, wearing a shade that is a little bit lighter than your eye color makes your eye more prominent whereas a darker shade gives your eye an extreme look that would catch other people’s attention. Green eyeshadow looks good and fine too to those who have brown eyes

Experiment on colors

Green EyeshadowIf you want to try and give yourself a new look, you might try wearing green eyeshadow. Mixing it with other colors is a good idea to see if it perfectly suits your style and fashion. To cite an example, try wearing shade of pink to the half part of your eyelid then a lighter green on the other half. If you wish to try something like this, see to it that the when you pick colors, make sure it goes well when blended with one another. Pastel colors go really well with other lighter tones, just like light pink and light green.

Wearing green eye makeup is just like wearing a different shade of eyeshadow. Even if you are blue eyed, there are several shades of green that goes justly and rightly to you. Wearing green makeup could do several things from making your eyes pop or choosing a look that suits your personality. All you have to do is try it with different shades and color be surprised with the result.


How did Airbrush Make Up really start?

On one of my travel experiences at Planet Blue in Malibu way back 2006, I bumped into this wonderful sales lady who had spent a few minutes in discussing with me the latest technology in makeup and makeup application. I was thrilled to have learned that what’s in nowadays is the foundation being air brushed to the skin. Worry not because this is not harmful because the professional results of the process are achieved. Surely, the demand for air brush makeup is getting higher day by day that it’s even greater than the supply! 

She thoroughly explained in detail how this airbrush makeup was formulated and how it works to leave your face with a flawless finish. She seems to be a professional makeup artist as she proceeded to apply the airbrush foundation while teaching me how to use it using the airbrush makeup machine. As she has promised me, the results were spectacular. I didn’t regret that she tried on me the spray makeup. It was in fact one of the best air brush make up I have ever had on me. Since then, I did not hesitate at all to start using the amazing and incredibleairbrush make up for special occasions and to help me even out tan lines if I need to. Airbrush MakeUp After this incident, I was able to attend a MAC Pro Party so I used that opportunity to check out their offerings when it comes to the best airbrush makeup. I tried the spray foundation and it sprayed out lighter than the one that I had previously purchased. It was still an amazing product so I attempted to get one but found out that they are low in stock as well. Though I wasn’t able to get one to add to my professional makeup kits, I was able to witness a demonstration on how to airbrush the entire body with the use of an airbrush compressor. Just the same, the results were amazing and that’s when I finally decided to complete my own airbrush kits. 

To start with the basics, let me help you answer some of the questions in terms of terminology that one should understand in the concept of air brush make up.

Do you know what a makeup airbrush is? To put it simply, it’s a small tool that is air operated and used to spray fluid such as the liquid foundation.

Airbrush make up is held by a hand in the same way a pen is held. The airbrush needs the compressor for in-house makeup application and must have an attached spray to it so be the source of air. There is a trigger that is activated by the user to regulate the amount of spray to be delivered.  A combination of air and fluid will then come out as the user pulls back on the trigger. Through this, what a simple sponge or fingertip cannot achieve can be achieved with great amazement.

Now, do you know what a compressor is? It is used to push the pressurized air and create a moving force. A smaller space inside the compressor will then be filled with pressurized air and thereby the liquid foundation will be pushed through the airbrush so it can be atomized into a fine mist for apAirbrush Make Upplication on to the skin. 

Do you know what a spray can makeup is? This spray can makeup is used in the same way that a traditional aerosol can is used. The propellant and the makeup will then fill a sealed metal can where gas is pumped at a high pressure causing the liquid product, airbrush make up,to be pushed down and letting the makeup out through the atomizer. It is incredible how the airbrush makeup system works if you come to think of it.

What are the differences? Together, a compressor and an airbrush provide sustainable, repeatable use when you refill the tank with liquid foundation; whereas, the spray can makeup is good until the product runs out. Although in saying this, this makes the spray cans much more portable and can be bought for retail.

We can now talk about how it started since we are now familiar with the terms and the technology of this product before we decide to do more airbrushing of makeup on to our face.

AbnerPeeeler invented the first airbrush in 1879 in Iowa to paint using water color for different artistic purposes. Maybe, he wasn’t that interested to use the same technology in applying color to the human skin, especially the face.

The first and earliest record of using this spray on makeup is back to the 1925 film entitled Ben Hur. It wasTemptu Airbrush Make Upn’t that big then if you come to think about it, but now, it has been proven that it’s emerged in an even better way.

Airbrush make up started to become more popular during the emergence of HDTV where pictures and images are ten times more detailed. This is true in most films and TV programs. The technology of high definition has easily let us go away with the pancake makeup.

I think who benefited more than anyone else in the invention of this technology are those celebrities who need to be just beautiful and fabulous all the time. This type of makeup is very helpful in creating their images by making sure they have smooth and flawless skin on the screen. They are definitely fond of using it to wash away scars, discolorations, dark circles under the eyes and other imperfections. The celebrities who are known to use this are some hosts of popular talk shows (Leno), singers, actors like Brad Pitt and even some former presidents and vice presidents. 

We can now make airbrush makeup reviews on how the procedure is done using this makeup including the details that we missed out when we first touched on it. To give you an idea on the feeling of it, when applying some airbrush make upon to the skin, it makes you feel a soft breeze of air that is just going on and drying up to a light, matte finish. It is available in many different colors that can suit all types of skin tones.

It is usually applied to the face and neck but any other body part can also be applied with this makeup. As you may have guessed, foundation is the most common type of makeup that is applied using airbrush. Nonetheless, you can also create your eyebrows or tattoos using airbrush stencils. 

This type of makeup is considered a bit high end because of the price that makes it most commonly available in finer salons, spas and hair studios. However, you can still purchase the spray can type for every day or occasional home use. As observed, the high end one is commonly used for special occasions like weddings because of its light and natural finish.