Eyeshadow Tips on How to Wear it like a Pro

If you want your eyes to stand out, you need to have great skills when you do your eyeshade makeup. It’s a little bit frustrating when our eye makeup doesn’t turn out the way we want it to be. We’ve got some helpful tips here below that can help you improve your eye makeup skills.

Do’s and don’ts when wearing eye shadow

First thing you have to consider is the color you will be picking. It doesn’t have to be the same with your eye color. What is important is that whatever color you choose, it has to match your eye color and will look great on you. For example, if you green eyes, try using shades of purple and see which shade looks perfect on you. Another, if you have brown eyes, since brown is neutral, any color should look best on you. Another thing, when choosing colors, it has to coordinate with what you wear. Common mistake of women is that they use same color of shadow with that they wear. Never ever do those, you’ll end up looking like a clown. Also, it has to fit the occasion that you’re attending to. Don’t wear too much makeup during business meeting, and wear little to no make on your first date.

Wearing eyeshadow

Choose three colors of your choice. Categorize them into three, light, medium and dark. Light colors are the first to be applied. It has to cover entire eyelid going to your brow bone. Next, wear the medium shade, apply it on the crease. Start from the outer corner of the eye going inside. Remember to blend it well with the first color. Don’t put too much color in the inside corner of the eyes, it will look gaudy and loud. Then the last to be applied is the dark shade. Apply it on the upper lash line and on the lower lash line. It needs a little practice to master this step and leaking of eyeshadow is just normal part of the process. All you need to do is to conceal it by applying medium shade of eyeshadow.

Tips for keeps

Always start your eyeshadow makeup with a base or eye primer. Though you may skip this, it is best not to because it helps the eye shadow to wear and last longer throughout the day. If fine lines are already visible, stay away from shimmery eyeshades, it will just make fine lines more visible.


How to Do the Perfect Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow shapes can affect how other people make and give their impression to you. A perfectly shaped and arched eyebrow “wows” everyone. Working on eyebrows is one of the hardest things, especially if you have few to no hair at all. It can sometimes be frustrating seeing your face with no eyebrow hair at all. This article can help you shape and define your eyebrows perfectly.

Materials needed

  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyebrow powder
  • brush
  • Tweezers
  • Eyebrow razor
  • Eyebrow stencil

Shaping your eyebrows

Eyebrow MakeupAlways start with clean and dry eyebrows. You will be needing your eyebrow pencil, hold it straight beside your nose to see where your brow should start, mark that point, then angle it outwards, about 45 degrees to check where it should end. Don’t forget to mark that point too. Tweeze hair strays. Use brow razor to shave fine hairs that are too fine to be tweezed. Using a spoolie brush (it looks like the brush in your mascara wand), brush brows so you’ll see uneven hair parts. Trim it with scissors. There will always be unruly hairs, brush it down suing spoolie brush and trim it again. Now that you’re done cleaning and removing hair strays, we can now move and work to start filling your brows. There are two ways to start your brows. First is to line the underside of your brow and the other is to use short dash strokes to fill in sparse areas. Next, fill your brows with a brow powder using a brush. You can start on the arch of your eyebrow. Then without adding any product on your brush, continue outlining your brow up to the edge. Once you’re done, tap extra powder and start lining the upper side of the brow. Don’t make it to dark and harsh. It is best to make it light to look more natural. Use your spoolie brush to blend colors well. If you have a clear brow gel, you may use it for unruly hair. You can also use hairspray and spoolie brush as an alternative. Apply shimmery eye shadow on your brow bone to give your eyebrow makeup a clean look. Remember to blend it well so it will not look like a rectangular patch. Finish it with bold black mascara and you’re done!

Additional tip:

  • For more dramatic look, use bolder shades of eye pencil.
  • If brow powder is not available, you may use eye shadow similar to your brow color.

Cosmetic Store Outlet

Nowadays, men also wear makeup to look better and hide the impurities brought by dirt, pollution and stress. It is an advantage, not only for girls, but also for boys, to have good and clear skin. There are numbers of cosmetics that can help you look even better. They can be found on department store isles, drug stores, online stores and even specialty stores.

Good buy cosmetics

Most of us, when we buy cosmetic products, we do the trial and error method to see if the product will work for us; choosing perfect eye shade, lip color and the likes. This can be a little costly because at times, our skin color changes caused by time, aging and some illnesses. I recommend buying makeup on specialty stores instead on department stores. When you say specialty stores/vendors/traders, this means that the products they sell are specific to one brand. When you buy on this store, you get number of advantages. You don’t have to trial and error and guess matching when picking the right shade for you. This store often times offer services and recommends the shades that will perfectly complement your complexion, aside from that it also saves your time deciding which color to pick. The only drawback on specialty stores is that the items can sometimes be expensive compared to products sold on department stores and drug stores. Two of the most well known specialized brands are Avon and Blair. They come in brochures for easy browsing of their products. Sometimes, there are individuals who come over your door and offer such products. Though they are expensive, the quality and satisfaction they give can equate to same.

Cosmetics are now available at different department stores, numbers of outlets, variety of outlets and even online stores. Another option in buying makeup products is to buy directly from the manufacturer.

Cosmetic buying is highly individual

The options mentioned above can vary. We should also take into consideration the prices of each product. It depends on every person where they want to go makeup shopping. If they want to have options to chose from, hey could go over the drug store, department store aisles and cosmetics section. But if they don’t want their time to be wasted just choosing and deciding which shade to wear, then probably specialty stores should be their place. If you are a type of person where you want a relaxed shopping and wants the product to be delivered right in front of your door, then you would probably go for online shopping. Anything and anyone can have the best buy and best way when it comes to cosmetic purchasing because it all depends on an individual’s preference.


What Does Permanent Makeup Cost?

Permanent makeup also known as cosmetic tattooing and permanent cosmetics is a process of embedding microscopic colors right into the dermis layer of the skin. It uses an ink filled needle, sometimes a machine. This is done by a licenses anesthesiologist using sterile apparatuses in a sterile environment.

Cosmetic tattooing improves your look yet you still look natural. It helps women you have trouble and hard time putting and wearing makeup. People who are sensitive and allergic to fragrances as well preservatives found in conventional makeup will find this helpful. Women with scant to no eyebrows, especially those who have undergone chemotherapy opted to have permanent makeup. Eyeliner adds definition to our eyes. Permanent cosmetics end the hassle of smudging and stripping when lining your eyes. If you have pale and thin lips and you feel like wearing your favorite lip color everyday without transferring lip mark on other’s things, then cosmetic tattooing will save you from that. Aside from enhancing your facial features, another wonder it could give you is to camouflage nay scars on your skin. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Permanent Makeup Cost

Permanent makeup cost depends on the setting. What I mean here is where you want to do it; it can be on a salon or spa, or at a physician’s clinic. On average, it ranges from $400-$800 per procedure. Sometimes the cost also depends on the materials and supplies used for implanting. The colors, types and brands of pigments are also a factor. There are other technicians who can do advance work can charge as much as $250 per hour.Permanent Makeup Cost

A foreign body or substance is introduced to the body, swelling, bruising and tenderness around the area will be experienced. Using unsterile equipments can lead to possible infections and sometimes transmission HIV and Hepatitis B. Other cases reported but rare include allergies and MRI interference. However, the overall risk is dissatisfaction. Before jumping to a decision of having permanent makeup, consider first the pros and cons it could give you as the results are meant to last a lifetime. It takes an experienced practitioner to have it done correctly. Choosing the right color that will compliment you is a little bit crucial, it takes an experienced, skilled and expert eye to make the procedure successful and with no regrets. Put in mind that having it removed is more costly and more painful than having it done. So it is advised that it should be done by a practitioner who went extensive training and has years of experience doing it so as to minimize and prevent further infection and regrets, dissatisfaction and unhappiness later.

The skin has been pricked several times. Allow the surface area to heal. When you say allow to heal, let it rest completely for about four to five days. As much as possible, keep it clean to minimize infection. Don’t put anything on your face that will soften, scratch and will make the color lighten. A moisture barrier should be applied on the area to your skin will not dry completely and no to sun exposure.


Makeup Highlighters

Wearing makeup changes your look, but finishing it with a highlighter can completely change your beauty like ever before. If you want to give yourself a dewy look and add a little life to your look, highlighter is the key. There are many things highlighter could do. Making your face glow, look better in candlelight and look more awake!

Areas to be applied:

The three main areas are your cheekbones and temple, eyes and your Cupid’s bow. But it looks even better when applied in areas like center of your eyelid, bridge of the nose and under the brow bone.

Applying Makeup Highlighter

Apply your foundation first. If you’re using a foundation brush, I suggest using the same when applying your highlighter. The excess powder left on brush would help blend with the highlighter to look more natural. When you apply on your cheeks to do some contouring, it is best to start from your apples going to your temples in a half heart stroke. When you apply it on your eyes, it will make your eyes bigger, wider and more awake. To have that Makeup Highlighterlook, apply the highlighter on your brow bone and inner corner or crease of the eye will make your eyes look awake. To make your eyes look bigger, a touch in the center of eyelid will do. To give your lips a clean look, apply highlighter just below the lips and on your Cupid’s bow before putting on your lipstick. It will also give a multidimensional color to your lipstick. If your favorite feature is your nose, you can also apply it there. Apply it along the bridge of your nose. If you want your nose to look slimmer, two darker shades of highlighter should be applied on each side of nose. Don’t go through the tip of nose or else your nose will look shiny. Never use highlighter as coverage. If you want an all over glow, you may apply one thin layer of makeup or you can mix your moisturizer with your liquid highlighter. Win-win!

Must know:

Pink tones are perfect and go so well to those who have very pale skin.

Always remember the word blend. That’s the key to make it look dewy and natural.

Highlighting your lips is rare but can harvest you great results.

Highlighters are applied after foundation or moisturizer but before concealer.

Blend your highlighter on the top most of your cheekbones to have that contouring effect.

To make the light look like coming from within, blush should be applied after the highlighter.

Remember, highlighter is applied after foundation or tinted moisturizer but before using concealer.