Leg Makeup

You got bruises, scars, freckles and veins coming out of your legs and stops you from wearing miniskirts, shorts and bikinis? Well you have to thank leg makeup because it allows you again to go out in public with your legs off.

Makeup is not only applied on the face but also on legs. Its purpose is the same with face makeup. Its texture is thicker than the traditional concealer and foundation we put on our face. It hides scars, tattoos, veins, bruises, birthmarks and even your age, and the most important one; it will make your legs look smooth, flawless and perfect. It is made to be applied on different body areas, arms, stomach, back and the legs. With leg makeup, it ceased your longs pants outfit throughout the year, you don’t have to hide your legs with everyone, and you’ll have the confidence to walk in public showing your beautiful and perfect legs.

Slikovni rezultat za Leg Makeup

How to do the leg makeup?Just like putting makeup on face, it has to be smooth. Moisturizer is to face as shaver is to legs. Your legs must be smooth as possible before starting the makeup process. So, shave, exfoliate and moisturize your legs. You must consider this tip: if you have scars, veins and raised impurities, it is recommended to apply primer that is in a gel or cram form to help out even the imperfections. Next, apply the body makeup. It works the same with face foundation. But, when you apply it, don’t be tempted to use your fingertips when blending it. Fingertips have natural oils which makes it harder for the makeup to blend well. Instead, use sponge when blending the makeup in your skin. Preferably, use the latex type and have that natural leg makeup finish. If you’re not satisfied with the coverage of the body makeup, you may put on concealer

Slikovni rezultat za Leg MakeupRemember to use brush when blending. It’s much better if the amount of concealer would be the same with the size that you want to cover up. The last thing you would do is to finish your work with a dusting of powder on your leg. It may sound a bit odd but it works the best. Finishing any makeup work with a dusting of powder helps makeup to stay longer on skin and helps it from smudging and staining your clothes. Helpful tip: let your makeup dry completely and totally before putting on your clothes. It saves your makeup from being ruined. 

Tips for keeps

You’ll be needing makeup brushes when you do your leg makeup. These brushes must be used in blending. DON’T USE FINGERTIPS.

Use smaller brushes to cover small scars while bigger brush hides larger scar.

A translucent type of powder is suggested to use as finishing.

Hygiene. Hygiene. Hygiene. Keep your tools clean all the time. Wash it every after use.

Almost all body makeup is in cream form, however, you can also find airbrush body makeup that you can easily apply.

When choosing powder, make sure that it matches your foundation and skin tone. Darker shade must also be used but don’t go any darker than your arms.

I hope this five simple steps can help you gain back confidence to go out in public wearing shorts, skirts and bikinis and show off your beautiful and perfect legs that everyone envy.


Hypoallergenic Makeup are Gentle to Skin

Almost every women uses makeup to look good in the eyes of everyone. They hide those imperfections and flaws like dark circles, acne and pimple marks, and wrinkles by applying thick layers of foundation and concealer. Everyone is deceived by the beauty that makeup gives us.  It is undeniable that a woman looks better when wearing makeup on, especially the natural makeup.

To have that natural look, choose light to almost natural shade. Don’t use colored eye shades, though you may use, to really make it look like natural. Light lipsticks, lip balms and lip tints are preferred to put color on your lips. When doing natural makeup, secret here is to only work on your eyes and lips. That’s your facial features that should be highlighted. Older people who would wish to try to hide and cover those dark circles and wrinkles tend to put on heavy makeup thus making their wrinkles more noticeable and make them look older. It is best to use light makeup for they will look younger than their age.

What is hypoallergenic makeup?

Slikovni rezultat za Hypoallergenic MakeupWomen love makeup for it helps them look even better. But what if you’re a kind of person who is sensitive to makeup because you have sensitive skin? When you put something in your face, it causes some allergic reaction such as redness, swelling, itching, pimples and hives. Does that mean you’re no longer allowed to go out and step the house with bare face? Big credits to those who invented hypoallergenic makeup! They are made up of chemicals that are believed to cause less and fewer irritations and reactions to skin. Products that are labeled hypoallergenic are said to gentle and mild to skin. Hypoallergenic makeup like lip color, eye shades, foundation, concealer, mascara, eyebrows and eyeliners can be bought on online stores, makeup isles, drug stores or you may have them direct from manufacturers. If it happens that you don’t want to try hypoallergenic makeup for the reason that you have that doubt on your mind that it might not work on you and may just aggravate your condition, you may try and make your own beauty product. There are lots of homemade makeup recipes online. From blush, eye shades, liquid foundation and lipsticks. The common ingredients used are coconut oil, fruit extracts, vanilla beans and honey.

If you have some serious allergies and reactions to cosmetics, it is advised to contact the nearest dermatologist in your city. Your dermatologist will do so skin te4sting to determine which substance causes irritation on your skin when applied. The dermatologist will recommend you which products you’re supposed to use.


High End Cosmetics

Where can I find high end cosmetics?

If you are planning to own one of the most paid and upscale cosmetic products that is worth buying a buck? You have to do some serious researches online. Look for online sellers that offer wholesale. With that, you can have the upmarket product that you want in a low price. But, it is not as easy as you think. This top quality and sophisticated makeup are only sold to distributors- appointed distributors. The manufacturers of these products won’t sell or distribute cosmetics to small businesses. Often times, they don’t need advertisements or promotions of their products because they no longer need it since the demand is above high.

How will I know if it is authentic?

If you found a store that sells and offers high end makeup at a cheaper price, you have to be wary. You may encounter sellers that sell bulk products at a price lower than the expected. In such cases, the products might be fake, damaged and already expired. Just an advice; if you’re thinking to buy bulk orders and make the products as a gift or want to sell it, make sure that the seller uses traceable payment method. Don’t go for cash transfer. Also, don’t order large quantities right away, start with small orders so the risk will be minimized. A seller that shows pictures of products, states that product condition and previous payments or transactions made by customers then it is expected that the seller is genuine. Genuine sellers should also have their contact number posted for easy negotiation.

Slikovni rezultat za High End Cosmetics

High end cosmetic products worth splurging on

Dior skin airflash spray foundation- this product is a bit pricey, so use it only during occasion.

Dior skin forever compact powder-  I love how this compact powder can be used in two ways. It can work as a pressed powder and at the same time a bronzer which makes it convenient since I don’t have to carry two different make up in my bag and it comes in compact form. If you want to use it as a bronzer, choose the darker shade.

If you want this, you can find it on online stores such as eBay, Sephora and Amazon.


Perfect Makeup For You

Achieving a perfect makeup may seem hard and impossible to do. We have read lots of articles on how it is done but we end up confused and disillusioned. There are a lot of things that should take into consideration to get the look you want. This article will give and show you tips that will surely help you find what really works for you.

First thing and foremost, give your face a good wash before putting anything on your face. Tone your skin and moisturize if necessary. Put on your foundation all over your face and extend it on your jaw line so you will not look like you’re wearing a mask. When you put on your foundation, start by making five dots. One dot on your left and right cheeks, chin, forehead and nose bridge, blend it evenly. Next, wear the darker shade of eyeshadow from the base of your upper lashes going to your brow bone, then a dark shade on your eyelids. Now take your eyeliner, choose the one with natural tone, and then lightly line your upper and lower lid. Now let’s work with your mascara. For your upper lashes, hold the wand horizontally and start from roots to tips in zigzag motion. And for the lower lid, hold it vertically and sweep it side to side. And if you want to make your makeup last the whole day, it is recommended to spray mineral oil on your face.

Perfect MakeupHair, eye and skin color as well as skin texture plays a great role in makeup. You have to do color-matching to have the perfect makeup you want. Dramatic and striking makeup should look good to those who have light skin, medium or dark eyes and hair. If you are type of person who has medium brown hair, medium-light complexion and medium-dark eye color, you can pull off to a less dramatic look. And lastly, if you are a low contrast person, meaning your hair color is blonde, with light eye and skin color; you have to choose a dramatic look but doesn’t stand out. If you try to wear a dramatic and striking makeup, all they will notice is your makeup and not your beautiful features.

There are a lot of makeups and sometimes it is costly. If you are a thrift person, you can go for the cheaper ones and still have the good look you want.

If you have oily face, dust it off with mineral oil and have that oil face free.

Numbers of colors and shades emerges nowadays and it gets a little hard to choose which color is best. You don’t have to follow the trend. Just pick the color that you think will look good and compliment you. Remember, nothing beats natural beauty.

Darker shades shouldn’t be used to cover up your wrinkles and scar. It will make your beauty scars more pronounced.

It may be difficult to choose which color suits you, especially if there are lots of choices available. Keep this article always with you and you’ll never be intimated net time you face the makeup counter!


What Does Permanent Makeup Cost?

Permanent makeup also known as cosmetic tattooing and permanent cosmetics is a process of embedding microscopic colors right into the dermis layer of the skin. It uses an ink filled needle, sometimes a machine. This is done by a licenses anesthesiologist using sterile apparatuses in a sterile environment.

Cosmetic tattooing improves your look yet you still look natural. It helps women you have trouble and hard time putting and wearing makeup. People who are sensitive and allergic to fragrances as well preservatives found in conventional makeup will find this helpful. Women with scant to no eyebrows, especially those who have undergone chemotherapy opted to have permanent makeup. Eyeliner adds definition to our eyes. Permanent cosmetics end the hassle of smudging and stripping when lining your eyes. If you have pale and thin lips and you feel like wearing your favorite lip color everyday without transferring lip mark on other’s things, then cosmetic tattooing will save you from that. Aside from enhancing your facial features, another wonder it could give you is to camouflage nay scars on your skin. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Permanent Makeup Cost

Permanent makeup cost depends on the setting. What I mean here is where you want to do it; it can be on a salon or spa, or at a physician’s clinic. On average, it ranges from $400-$800 per procedure. Sometimes the cost also depends on the materials and supplies used for implanting. The colors, types and brands of pigments are also a factor. There are other technicians who can do advance work can charge as much as $250 per hour.Permanent Makeup Cost

A foreign body or substance is introduced to the body, swelling, bruising and tenderness around the area will be experienced. Using unsterile equipments can lead to possible infections and sometimes transmission HIV and Hepatitis B. Other cases reported but rare include allergies and MRI interference. However, the overall risk is dissatisfaction. Before jumping to a decision of having permanent makeup, consider first the pros and cons it could give you as the results are meant to last a lifetime. It takes an experienced practitioner to have it done correctly. Choosing the right color that will compliment you is a little bit crucial, it takes an experienced, skilled and expert eye to make the procedure successful and with no regrets. Put in mind that having it removed is more costly and more painful than having it done. So it is advised that it should be done by a practitioner who went extensive training and has years of experience doing it so as to minimize and prevent further infection and regrets, dissatisfaction and unhappiness later.

The skin has been pricked several times. Allow the surface area to heal. When you say allow to heal, let it rest completely for about four to five days. As much as possible, keep it clean to minimize infection. Don’t put anything on your face that will soften, scratch and will make the color lighten. A moisture barrier should be applied on the area to your skin will not dry completely and no to sun exposure.