How did Airbrush Make Up really start?

On one of my travel experiences at Planet Blue in Malibu way back 2006, I bumped into this wonderful sales lady who had spent a few minutes in discussing with me the latest technology in makeup and makeup application. I was thrilled to have learned that what’s in nowadays is the foundation being air brushed to the skin. Worry not because this is not harmful because the professional results of the process are achieved. Surely, the demand for air brush makeup is getting higher day by day that it’s even greater than the supply! 

She thoroughly explained in detail how this airbrush makeup was formulated and how it works to leave your face with a flawless finish. She seems to be a professional makeup artist as she proceeded to apply the airbrush foundation while teaching me how to use it using the airbrush makeup machine. As she has promised me, the results were spectacular. I didn’t regret that she tried on me the spray makeup. It was in fact one of the best air brush make up I have ever had on me. Since then, I did not hesitate at all to start using the amazing and incredibleairbrush make up for special occasions and to help me even out tan lines if I need to. Airbrush MakeUp After this incident, I was able to attend a MAC Pro Party so I used that opportunity to check out their offerings when it comes to the best airbrush makeup. I tried the spray foundation and it sprayed out lighter than the one that I had previously purchased. It was still an amazing product so I attempted to get one but found out that they are low in stock as well. Though I wasn’t able to get one to add to my professional makeup kits, I was able to witness a demonstration on how to airbrush the entire body with the use of an airbrush compressor. Just the same, the results were amazing and that’s when I finally decided to complete my own airbrush kits. 

To start with the basics, let me help you answer some of the questions in terms of terminology that one should understand in the concept of air brush make up.

Do you know what a makeup airbrush is? To put it simply, it’s a small tool that is air operated and used to spray fluid such as the liquid foundation.

Airbrush make up is held by a hand in the same way a pen is held. The airbrush needs the compressor for in-house makeup application and must have an attached spray to it so be the source of air. There is a trigger that is activated by the user to regulate the amount of spray to be delivered.  A combination of air and fluid will then come out as the user pulls back on the trigger. Through this, what a simple sponge or fingertip cannot achieve can be achieved with great amazement.

Now, do you know what a compressor is? It is used to push the pressurized air and create a moving force. A smaller space inside the compressor will then be filled with pressurized air and thereby the liquid foundation will be pushed through the airbrush so it can be atomized into a fine mist for apAirbrush Make Upplication on to the skin. 

Do you know what a spray can makeup is? This spray can makeup is used in the same way that a traditional aerosol can is used. The propellant and the makeup will then fill a sealed metal can where gas is pumped at a high pressure causing the liquid product, airbrush make up,to be pushed down and letting the makeup out through the atomizer. It is incredible how the airbrush makeup system works if you come to think of it.

What are the differences? Together, a compressor and an airbrush provide sustainable, repeatable use when you refill the tank with liquid foundation; whereas, the spray can makeup is good until the product runs out. Although in saying this, this makes the spray cans much more portable and can be bought for retail.

We can now talk about how it started since we are now familiar with the terms and the technology of this product before we decide to do more airbrushing of makeup on to our face.

AbnerPeeeler invented the first airbrush in 1879 in Iowa to paint using water color for different artistic purposes. Maybe, he wasn’t that interested to use the same technology in applying color to the human skin, especially the face.

The first and earliest record of using this spray on makeup is back to the 1925 film entitled Ben Hur. It wasTemptu Airbrush Make Upn’t that big then if you come to think about it, but now, it has been proven that it’s emerged in an even better way.

Airbrush make up started to become more popular during the emergence of HDTV where pictures and images are ten times more detailed. This is true in most films and TV programs. The technology of high definition has easily let us go away with the pancake makeup.

I think who benefited more than anyone else in the invention of this technology are those celebrities who need to be just beautiful and fabulous all the time. This type of makeup is very helpful in creating their images by making sure they have smooth and flawless skin on the screen. They are definitely fond of using it to wash away scars, discolorations, dark circles under the eyes and other imperfections. The celebrities who are known to use this are some hosts of popular talk shows (Leno), singers, actors like Brad Pitt and even some former presidents and vice presidents. 

We can now make airbrush makeup reviews on how the procedure is done using this makeup including the details that we missed out when we first touched on it. To give you an idea on the feeling of it, when applying some airbrush make upon to the skin, it makes you feel a soft breeze of air that is just going on and drying up to a light, matte finish. It is available in many different colors that can suit all types of skin tones.

It is usually applied to the face and neck but any other body part can also be applied with this makeup. As you may have guessed, foundation is the most common type of makeup that is applied using airbrush. Nonetheless, you can also create your eyebrows or tattoos using airbrush stencils. 

This type of makeup is considered a bit high end because of the price that makes it most commonly available in finer salons, spas and hair studios. However, you can still purchase the spray can type for every day or occasional home use. As observed, the high end one is commonly used for special occasions like weddings because of its light and natural finish.