Green Eyeshadow: Tips on How to Wear it

Tired of trying which eyeshade perfectly fits your eye color? Asked others opinion which eyeshadow to wear? Most women surely have experienced this. Trying different shades of eyeshadow will help learn if what color perfectly fits your eyelids, just like green eyeshadow.

Matching eyeshadows with you eyes

Certain eye colors go well with green eyeshadow, while others do not. A shade of green eyeshade looks great on people who have green eyes. But of course, it takes practice, time and patience too. Trying other color of eye makeup that is different to your eye color will help you decide which shadow looks most appealing to you. While most of the time, wearing a shade that is a little bit lighter than your eye color makes your eye more prominent whereas a darker shade gives your eye an extreme look that would catch other people’s attention. Green eyeshadow looks good and fine too to those who have brown eyes

Experiment on colors

Green EyeshadowIf you want to try and give yourself a new look, you might try wearing green eyeshadow. Mixing it with other colors is a good idea to see if it perfectly suits your style and fashion. To cite an example, try wearing shade of pink to the half part of your eyelid then a lighter green on the other half. If you wish to try something like this, see to it that the when you pick colors, make sure it goes well when blended with one another. Pastel colors go really well with other lighter tones, just like light pink and light green.

Wearing green eye makeup is just like wearing a different shade of eyeshadow. Even if you are blue eyed, there are several shades of green that goes justly and rightly to you. Wearing green makeup could do several things from making your eyes pop or choosing a look that suits your personality. All you have to do is try it with different shades and color be surprised with the result.