Applying Eyeshadow: Tips on How to Wear

Most women don’t get the right trick on how to properly apply eyeshadow and sometimes they end up looking like a clown. I’ve got here some easy tips and steps on how to get it right.

The first thing to consider is:

  1.  Shape of the eye- there are different types of eyes, from rounded to almond to Asian to hooded lids and dark lids. There’s a certain stroke for every eye shape.
  2. Eye color- don’t try to pick color that is in contrast to the color of your eye. Instead, choose colors that compliment and goes with your eye color. A lighter shade for natural eye color and dark tone for darker eye color.
  3. Skin tone- always remember, women with fair skin should go with lighter shade to enhance and to define their eyes, while those with lighter skin color should wear dark eyeshadow shade to bring and draw attention to their eyes.
  4. Clothing- many of us women try to choose eyeshade color that is the same with the color of our dress. That is a big no no. When you do that, you end up looking silly and funny. (Don’t let it trick you again).
  5. Applicator- the applicator plays a great role when applying eyeshadow. Dirty or previously used applicator will not give you the color result that you wanted. Because a dirty applicator has some residues left and when you use it, the residues will mix up to your eyeshadow giving you a different color.
  6. Don’t overdo it- we wear eyeshadow to bring out and compliment the natural color of our eyes.Applying Eyeshadow Learn how to balance, not too much and not too little. Here’s a tip: always put less color to your brush because it’s much easy to add eyeshadow than to remove it.

You may apply eye make-up first, once you’re done, you can now put concealer or foundation to the rest of your face. By doing this, it will be easier to remove any eye powder that may have flaked and crumbled underneath. Prepare your eye with concealer and dust it off with powder before applying eyeshadow.

Blending in

This is the stage when you already mastered the proper and correct application of eye makeup. It is very important that it is properly done so you won’t end up with a mess. Overdoing or let’s say too much eye makeup has been applied, don’t be tempted to wipe off everything. Grab a piece of cotton and gently blot any excess makeup until you reach and achieve the desired result. When you want to make a blended effect, make sure that you only lightly brush the applied areas to achieve this effect.

how to apply eyeshadowEyeshadow application tips 

  • If you want to get a sophisticated and classic look, matte powder eyeshades should be applied. It will also give emphasis on your eye color and shape.
  • Giving shiny eye look is ok. Shine is best applied on the brow bone.
  • Have atleast two eye shadow applicator on hand to prevent color mixing.
  •  Tapping off the brush before applying prevents over-application of eyeshadow.
  • After applying eyeshadow, it is best to finish with an eyeliner and mascara.