Gluten Free Cosmetics is the New Hit

We have heard about gluten free diet. People who suffer from Celiac disease did some serious scanning on products ingredients to check if it is gluten free. They have to abstain from products containing barley, rye, oats, wheat and malt. But have you ever thought that gluten can also be seen not only in foods but also in cosmetics?

Yes, it’s true. Cosmetics contain gluten. Wheat can be a source of vitamin E, while oats are known nourish and refine skin. When you go through the ingredients, you’ll not read them as oats/wheat, they hide in dozens of complicated names. Some cosmetic products claim that they are gluten free in which they don’t understand what it really means. What they run after is that people will buy it and they profit from it. They don’t know that it could be dangerous to those who have gluten intolerance especially when ingested (lipsticks). Looking for some gluten free makeup is sometimes hard so I listed below some of gluten free cosmetics you might want to try.

Bare Minerals

This corporation gives you an extensive list of gluten –free products on their website. They also have disclaimer that would inform people that those products processed in an environment that contains wheat, rye, barley and oat derivatives. Nonetheless, people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity who are using this product report no issue.

Cover Girl

Gluten Free CosmeticsEverybody knows that celiac is a serious type of disease that. Covergirl gives you clear information on their products ingredients whether wheat or gluten is added directly to the product. The scents that they use come from their suppliers and it can be contaminated by a very small amount of gluten. But don’t be alarmed. They sought and consulted physicians to give some advice. Fortunately, it is unlikely for a person with celiac to have a reaction with just a trace amount of gluten when it comes contact to skin and hair. The reason for this is gluten should be ingested for it to cause a reaction. Since sensitivity to gluten varies among people, it would be best to ask your physician.

Ecco Bella

I can say that this is one of safest brand to use. They produce gluten free makeup, skin and hair care that is of quality. What made me say that it’s one of the safest? It’s because the company said that there products contains no gluten and wheat protein. And their products are safe to use for their customers with celiac sprue. (No big company would want to put their name in trouble)
IT Cosmetics

This company produces two products that contain gluten; the Hello Lashes and Tightline mascara. The rest of its products are guaranteed gluten free. So if you’re a fan of IT Cosmetics but you suffer from gluten sensitivity, then stay away from their mascara. The rest of the products should be safe and ok to use.

Joelle Cosmetics

They are also known as My Mineral Glitters. They consider and call themselves as the celiac friendly cosmetics. They are also the largest and biggest store that offers gluten less skin care solutions. They have their online store in case you might want to try their products. There are tons of options to choose from.