How to Apply Eyeshadow Tips

If you want to draw and attract peoples’ attention on your eyes, having problem applying eyeshadow, and can’t even decide which shade suits you, then this article is right for you. There are many ways on how to apply eyeshadow and things to be considered. This article will show you on how an eyeshadow should be applied.

Consider things

  1. Time of the day and occasion you’ll be attending. If you’ll go out on day time, neutral and lighter shades are best. But if it is a night occasion, stronger and bolder hues can be used. You can go experimenting with different shades.
  2. Your skin tone. Always match colors that would compliment your skin tone.
  3. Strokes and styles differ from person to person, depending on the face and eye shape.

What you need

How to Apply EyeshadowI suggest have different shades of eyeshadow on hand, at least three. This will help you choose and blend colors. Additionally, there are looks that would require three different shades, light, medium and dark. For novice, neutral tones like brown or gray should be tried first, or any that looks appealing to you. Eyeshades may be applied with fingertips, but it is recommended to invest good brushes to help you apply eyehsadow with ease and give you better results. A stiff flat brush is used to cover entire lid. When you want to put on some color to your crease, a soft or stiff dome brush should be used and a soft pencil brush to add color on your lash line. An eyeliner and mascara should also be at your side to finish your look. Also, have in hand your makeup remover and a clean tissue or cotton ball to wipe of any smudge. And don’t forget the mirror so you can see how you work and how you’re doing.

Applying Eyeshadow

To start, it’s like doing your normal makeup. Wash your face, tone it, moisturize, and put on your foundation and your face powder. Apply light color of eyeshade first from your lash line to your brown bone. Don’t do it in back and forth motion. Pat it first then sweep it in short and slow strokes. This will give you a solid look and not patchy one. If you do it that way, the color will blend perfectly. Pink and light tones are commonly used. Then proceed to your lash line going to the crease. Use a medium shade.  And then accent your crease with the darkest shade that you have. Remember to do it slowly.  If you’re planning to use a highlighter makeup, don’t work your eyeshadow all the way through your brow. You don’t want to look it overdone, right?

Never forget the word blend when applying eyeshadow. Use appropriate brush for every application and don’t rush so as not to make your work messy and smudgy. It is best to use soft brush when blending; it will keep your eyeshade from smudging. Now that you know the steps and secrets on how to apply eyeshadow, it’s your time now to put it in action and have that beauty that your friends envy.