Perfect Makeup For You

Achieving a perfect makeup may seem hard and impossible to do. We have read lots of articles on how it is done but we end up confused and disillusioned. There are a lot of things that should take into consideration to get the look you want. This article will give and show you tips that will surely help you find what really works for you.

First thing and foremost, give your face a good wash before putting anything on your face. Tone your skin and moisturize if necessary. Put on your foundation all over your face and extend it on your jaw line so you will not look like you’re wearing a mask. When you put on your foundation, start by making five dots. One dot on your left and right cheeks, chin, forehead and nose bridge, blend it evenly. Next, wear the darker shade of eyeshadow from the base of your upper lashes going to your brow bone, then a dark shade on your eyelids. Now take your eyeliner, choose the one with natural tone, and then lightly line your upper and lower lid. Now let’s work with your mascara. For your upper lashes, hold the wand horizontally and start from roots to tips in zigzag motion. And for the lower lid, hold it vertically and sweep it side to side. And if you want to make your makeup last the whole day, it is recommended to spray mineral oil on your face.

Perfect MakeupHair, eye and skin color as well as skin texture plays a great role in makeup. You have to do color-matching to have the perfect makeup you want. Dramatic and striking makeup should look good to those who have light skin, medium or dark eyes and hair. If you are type of person who has medium brown hair, medium-light complexion and medium-dark eye color, you can pull off to a less dramatic look. And lastly, if you are a low contrast person, meaning your hair color is blonde, with light eye and skin color; you have to choose a dramatic look but doesn’t stand out. If you try to wear a dramatic and striking makeup, all they will notice is your makeup and not your beautiful features.

There are a lot of makeups and sometimes it is costly. If you are a thrift person, you can go for the cheaper ones and still have the good look you want.

If you have oily face, dust it off with mineral oil and have that oil face free.

Numbers of colors and shades emerges nowadays and it gets a little hard to choose which color is best. You don’t have to follow the trend. Just pick the color that you think will look good and compliment you. Remember, nothing beats natural beauty.

Darker shades shouldn’t be used to cover up your wrinkles and scar. It will make your beauty scars more pronounced.

It may be difficult to choose which color suits you, especially if there are lots of choices available. Keep this article always with you and you’ll never be intimated net time you face the makeup counter!