Make Up Storage

Got your makeup tools and kits messed around your table? Can’t find your favorite makeup brush? Forgot where you place your favorite shade of lipstick? Then you should own a makeup storage or makeup keeper.

What is makeup storage?

Makeup storage works just like a bag organizer. It keeps your things organized and in place at all times. It comes in different forms, types and designs depending on your taste or we’re you’re going to put it. Sometimes can be a room or table decoration. As stated above, it comes in different forms. Others have handles, made for those who are always on travel and want their makeup with them. And the rest are styled elegant, classic and unique, styled depending on your room. Prices varies according to type and material used. Storage with aluminum finish costs around $20-$80.

Plastic type of organizer that needs screw and bolts to hold them and sold at stores can be bought not higher than $20.

Slikovni rezultat za make up storage

They come in long clear, transparent wide drawers for easy identification of kits. There are varieties of colors to choose from. You can also paint them to match the rooms color and decoration. Makeup storage doesn’t have to be always store bought. You can actually make your own storage. You can find one on school or office supplies aisle. It could be way cheaper and inexpensive than a real makeup organizer. You can have them not more than $10. Or if you want, you can make your own cosmetic keeper. Bring out the creativeness in you. Recycle your old and unused things. We have here do it your own ideas to make your own and personalized makeup organizer.

DIY ideas

Isn’t it rewarding if you see your closet tide up? Every shade of your lipstick and eye shadows has its own place. Easy access on your makeup tools because they all have their own place. There’s a place for everything, everything in its place.  These simple creative ideas can help own storage without spending more. Instead of throwing out those empty colored bottles, why don’t you cut them in half? It makes a great cotton bud holder, brush holder and anything that fits it. After cutting it, put parchment paper on the rim and heat it using flat iron to smoothen it out.

Another great idea is to buy an inexpensive shoe organizer. It has plenty of pockets, so there will be more room for your makeup. Every makeup goods and tools can be kept in a more organized and tidy way. Want to make a color coded room for your lipsticks? All you need is an old small size shoebox or a square or rectangular container and elastic bands. Wrap each band the box horizontally and vertically creating small squares. And there you have it, a lipstick holder. J These are just some of the ideas we’ve got for you. There are other things you can do, just let out the creativeness and artistry in you. You can also check these two websites for more do it your own ideas.