Makeup Trends: Autumn and Winter Look

Smokey grey eyes- grey eyes can be as sophisticated as black during this season. Go over the cosmetic section and look for palettes that have color range of charcoal to pale grey highlighter. Having these tones on your palette can help you achieve the look. Remember, the lightest shade is the one applied on the entire lid and serves as a base, while the darker shade is added on the crease of the eye. When you want to open up your eyes, keep the darkest color on the outer portion of the eye, highlight the brow line and blend well. Work on your lashes with a grey or black liner. Smudge it to soften the color.

Cats’ eye- Do you have round eyes and want to make it smaller? Do the cats’ eye. When you apply eye liner, you may choose liquid or gel type, this gives you a bolder look. Kohl’s gives a soft and subtle result. Apply the liner as close as possible to your upper lash line. The cat effect is done by putting shadow in an upward and sweeping stroke away from the eyes. Finish it with lots and lots of mascara!

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High impact red and pink- There are many options to choose from on the market. Choose shade of red that matches your natural color. When it wears off, it doesn’t look smudged and messy because it will look just like your natural lip color. For pink lips, go for soft glosses and lip stains. You may also use lip liner to keep your lips more defined. Just make sure that when using red lip color, you wear little makeup so you will not look over done.

Hairdo- hair can be put down, knot or tied up. There’s nothing sexier than a quick dip in the ocean look. That sleek and wet hair parted on the side or pinned up. Crimped hair is cool again. One way to do it is to crimp some hair at the back, smooth the edges and tie it up.  Hair dressers put their hand back on braids/buns and traded it with hair buns.

Face embellishments- makeup artists come up with a new fashion. Instead of putting on eyeliner, they do some art on models’ face, and sometimes they put on face tattoos; cellophanes flakes caked on eyelids, stars on cheekbones and multiple piercings on eyebrows.

Supernatural skin to minimal makeup- before this season starts, you should have visited your facial clinic to give your face a clean and fresh look. Fresh face look looks so appealing but it doesn’t mean wearing no makeup at all, rather appearing only as little as possible.