How to Land Makeup Artist Jobs

Anyone can be a makeup artist. As long as you have the talent, skills and love for cosmetics within you, you can be one. Working as makeup artist in TV and film industry is not the only way to earn a living. In fact, every single day, there are people needing the help of makeup artists to work on their look, be it just an ordinary day or special day. This article will help you on how to land jobs as makeup artist.

If you really have the heart and passion for makeup, you may start getting experience by volunteering and doing free makeup services to your friends and other people. For instance, you may help a student who will be having their theatrical contest by doing her hair and makeup. At first, it may not be that good but as you keep on practicing, you’ll see some improvements in your skills. Once you’re already doing well, take photos of your work.

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Now that you already got great skills, look for salons, fashion outlets or cosmetic stores that have open jobs. If there is none, you may look for some beauty salons and talk to hairdressers if you can work there for one full day doing makeovers to clients; make sure to do your best. While you are there, you may give your customers some of your business cards, just in case some of their friends or family will be needing makeup artist, they already know who to call. Business cards should be done creatively, attractively and artistically. People will not think that you’re a makeup artist if you’ll hand them a dry, plain and bland business card. You may also inform your friends and neighbors that if they need someone to do makeovers, you are available. Prom season is the season where ladies would dare to spend and pay money to makeup artist to make them look glamorous and stand out in the crowd. So, what are you going to do? You can go to local salons about you being makeup artist during prom season. To attract more customers, post and advertise celebrity looks on various dress shops where most ladies would go to check and buy gowns for their prom. You will be surprised your pocket becoming full because of your overflowing customers.

Slikovni rezultat za Makeup Artist Jobs

It is best if you will submit an updated resume. An update resume means you have something new. How do you update it? Take some course; it will help you improve your skills and abilities as you practice it. Also, attend trainings if there are some.

You may start working on gigs to earn some cash, and who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be working on this fabulous makeup industry. These are just some tips on how to land on makeup artist jobs. I hope it helped you.