Makeup for Men

When we talk about makeup, we think about women, models, and actress. Nowadays, makeup is also men’s forte. Men who usually wears makeup are those ramp models, hot looking actors and of course, the groom. Makeup is a unique art that continuously spread anywhere and everywhere. This article will help and give you tips on how to apply makeup to help you change your appearance and will make you look more desirable.

Applying Makeup for Men

Shave your face prior to applying makeup to look neat and clean. Use an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. Rub it in circular motion. When rinsing, use warm water to open up the pores thus allowing the dirt to come out. Pat it dry with a clean fluffy towel. In a clean cotton ball, pour a small amount of toner to tone up your skin. Every after toner, apply moisturizer, preferably those with sunscreen. To have that smooth face, conceal the blemishes with a concealer. Concealer stick works way better than other; it looks like a lipstick. Dab on areas with impurities and blend well from inside going out. After the concealer, cover up face with a foundation. Choose color that is close to your skin tone. Dusting face powder on your forehead and nose could you a matte look- don’t be tempted to leave this out. It may sound different, but men could also wear black eyeliner, black mascara and even black eye shadow too. To finish the look, choose a neutral-colored lip balm. If you can’t find one, natural colored lipstick can be a good substitute.

How to look good on your wedding day?

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Wedding day is the most important and memorable day for both couples. They want to look good on that day and be the center of attraction for everyone. They want to stand out among the guests so that the attention and interest of everyone is focused on them. Makeup can give and make various depending on the occasion. Makeup looks best when skin is well hydrated and fresh. Drinking two liters of water a day should make be enough to make skin clean, soft and supple. Throw out alcohols, cigarettes, sugary and processed products. Remember, alcohol dehydrates the skin. If you regularly go for facial, it is best and advised to have your facial session two weeks before wedding day. The reason is, 8-10 days after your facial will give your face the ultimate glow. If you want to shape your brows, do it also week before the special day. To give you an idea on how to look natural, use a water based foundation. Foundation is not used on bearded areas, instead, use a gel foundation. Most grooms have that sun-tanned look, if you want to have that too, apply a bronze powder on your cheeks. Men could also wear lipstick. Shade of pink or a natural color is commonly used. Just make sure it is long lasting. To make it more look natural, finish your lips with a lip gloss. Your eyes should carry out your look; it has to be well defined and highlighted. Water proof black mascara and eyeliner should do the work. You may ask your makeup artist to do some trial makeup before the wedding day so you will know if it’s ok or you need to do some changes.