Makeup for Men

When we talk about makeup, we think about women, models, and actress. Nowadays, makeup is also men’s forte. Men who usually wears makeup are those ramp models, hot looking actors and of course, the groom. Makeup is a unique art that continuously spread anywhere and everywhere. This article will help and give you tips on how to apply makeup to help you change your appearance and will make you look more desirable.

Applying Makeup for Men

Shave your face prior to applying makeup to look neat and clean. Use an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. Rub it in circular motion. When rinsing, use warm water to open up the pores thus allowing the dirt to come out. Pat it dry with a clean fluffy towel. In a clean cotton ball, pour a small amount of toner to tone up your skin. Every after toner, apply moisturizer, preferably those with sunscreen. To have that smooth face, conceal the blemishes with a concealer. Concealer stick works way better than other; it looks like a lipstick. Dab on areas with impurities and blend well from inside going out. After the concealer, cover up face with a foundation. Choose color that is close to your skin tone. Dusting face powder on your forehead and nose could you a matte look- don’t be tempted to leave this out. It may sound different, but men could also wear black eyeliner, black mascara and even black eye shadow too. To finish the look, choose a neutral-colored lip balm. If you can’t find one, natural colored lipstick can be a good substitute.

How to look good on your wedding day?

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Wedding day is the most important and memorable day for both couples. They want to look good on that day and be the center of attraction for everyone. They want to stand out among the guests so that the attention and interest of everyone is focused on them. Makeup can give and make various depending on the occasion. Makeup looks best when skin is well hydrated and fresh. Drinking two liters of water a day should make be enough to make skin clean, soft and supple. Throw out alcohols, cigarettes, sugary and processed products. Remember, alcohol dehydrates the skin. If you regularly go for facial, it is best and advised to have your facial session two weeks before wedding day. The reason is, 8-10 days after your facial will give your face the ultimate glow. If you want to shape your brows, do it also week before the special day. To give you an idea on how to look natural, use a water based foundation. Foundation is not used on bearded areas, instead, use a gel foundation. Most grooms have that sun-tanned look, if you want to have that too, apply a bronze powder on your cheeks. Men could also wear lipstick. Shade of pink or a natural color is commonly used. Just make sure it is long lasting. To make it more look natural, finish your lips with a lip gloss. Your eyes should carry out your look; it has to be well defined and highlighted. Water proof black mascara and eyeliner should do the work. You may ask your makeup artist to do some trial makeup before the wedding day so you will know if it’s ok or you need to do some changes.


How to Land Makeup Artist Jobs

Anyone can be a makeup artist. As long as you have the talent, skills and love for cosmetics within you, you can be one. Working as makeup artist in TV and film industry is not the only way to earn a living. In fact, every single day, there are people needing the help of makeup artists to work on their look, be it just an ordinary day or special day. This article will help you on how to land jobs as makeup artist.

If you really have the heart and passion for makeup, you may start getting experience by volunteering and doing free makeup services to your friends and other people. For instance, you may help a student who will be having their theatrical contest by doing her hair and makeup. At first, it may not be that good but as you keep on practicing, you’ll see some improvements in your skills. Once you’re already doing well, take photos of your work.

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Now that you already got great skills, look for salons, fashion outlets or cosmetic stores that have open jobs. If there is none, you may look for some beauty salons and talk to hairdressers if you can work there for one full day doing makeovers to clients; make sure to do your best. While you are there, you may give your customers some of your business cards, just in case some of their friends or family will be needing makeup artist, they already know who to call. Business cards should be done creatively, attractively and artistically. People will not think that you’re a makeup artist if you’ll hand them a dry, plain and bland business card. You may also inform your friends and neighbors that if they need someone to do makeovers, you are available. Prom season is the season where ladies would dare to spend and pay money to makeup artist to make them look glamorous and stand out in the crowd. So, what are you going to do? You can go to local salons about you being makeup artist during prom season. To attract more customers, post and advertise celebrity looks on various dress shops where most ladies would go to check and buy gowns for their prom. You will be surprised your pocket becoming full because of your overflowing customers.

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It is best if you will submit an updated resume. An update resume means you have something new. How do you update it? Take some course; it will help you improve your skills and abilities as you practice it. Also, attend trainings if there are some.

You may start working on gigs to earn some cash, and who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be working on this fabulous makeup industry. These are just some tips on how to land on makeup artist jobs. I hope it helped you.


Makeup Trends: Autumn and Winter Look

Smokey grey eyes- grey eyes can be as sophisticated as black during this season. Go over the cosmetic section and look for palettes that have color range of charcoal to pale grey highlighter. Having these tones on your palette can help you achieve the look. Remember, the lightest shade is the one applied on the entire lid and serves as a base, while the darker shade is added on the crease of the eye. When you want to open up your eyes, keep the darkest color on the outer portion of the eye, highlight the brow line and blend well. Work on your lashes with a grey or black liner. Smudge it to soften the color.

Cats’ eye- Do you have round eyes and want to make it smaller? Do the cats’ eye. When you apply eye liner, you may choose liquid or gel type, this gives you a bolder look. Kohl’s gives a soft and subtle result. Apply the liner as close as possible to your upper lash line. The cat effect is done by putting shadow in an upward and sweeping stroke away from the eyes. Finish it with lots and lots of mascara!

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High impact red and pink- There are many options to choose from on the market. Choose shade of red that matches your natural color. When it wears off, it doesn’t look smudged and messy because it will look just like your natural lip color. For pink lips, go for soft glosses and lip stains. You may also use lip liner to keep your lips more defined. Just make sure that when using red lip color, you wear little makeup so you will not look over done.

Hairdo- hair can be put down, knot or tied up. There’s nothing sexier than a quick dip in the ocean look. That sleek and wet hair parted on the side or pinned up. Crimped hair is cool again. One way to do it is to crimp some hair at the back, smooth the edges and tie it up.  Hair dressers put their hand back on braids/buns and traded it with hair buns.

Face embellishments- makeup artists come up with a new fashion. Instead of putting on eyeliner, they do some art on models’ face, and sometimes they put on face tattoos; cellophanes flakes caked on eyelids, stars on cheekbones and multiple piercings on eyebrows.

Supernatural skin to minimal makeup- before this season starts, you should have visited your facial clinic to give your face a clean and fresh look. Fresh face look looks so appealing but it doesn’t mean wearing no makeup at all, rather appearing only as little as possible.


Make Up Storage

Got your makeup tools and kits messed around your table? Can’t find your favorite makeup brush? Forgot where you place your favorite shade of lipstick? Then you should own a makeup storage or makeup keeper.

What is makeup storage?

Makeup storage works just like a bag organizer. It keeps your things organized and in place at all times. It comes in different forms, types and designs depending on your taste or we’re you’re going to put it. Sometimes can be a room or table decoration. As stated above, it comes in different forms. Others have handles, made for those who are always on travel and want their makeup with them. And the rest are styled elegant, classic and unique, styled depending on your room. Prices varies according to type and material used. Storage with aluminum finish costs around $20-$80.

Plastic type of organizer that needs screw and bolts to hold them and sold at stores can be bought not higher than $20.

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They come in long clear, transparent wide drawers for easy identification of kits. There are varieties of colors to choose from. You can also paint them to match the rooms color and decoration. Makeup storage doesn’t have to be always store bought. You can actually make your own storage. You can find one on school or office supplies aisle. It could be way cheaper and inexpensive than a real makeup organizer. You can have them not more than $10. Or if you want, you can make your own cosmetic keeper. Bring out the creativeness in you. Recycle your old and unused things. We have here do it your own ideas to make your own and personalized makeup organizer.

DIY ideas

Isn’t it rewarding if you see your closet tide up? Every shade of your lipstick and eye shadows has its own place. Easy access on your makeup tools because they all have their own place. There’s a place for everything, everything in its place.  These simple creative ideas can help own storage without spending more. Instead of throwing out those empty colored bottles, why don’t you cut them in half? It makes a great cotton bud holder, brush holder and anything that fits it. After cutting it, put parchment paper on the rim and heat it using flat iron to smoothen it out.

Another great idea is to buy an inexpensive shoe organizer. It has plenty of pockets, so there will be more room for your makeup. Every makeup goods and tools can be kept in a more organized and tidy way. Want to make a color coded room for your lipsticks? All you need is an old small size shoebox or a square or rectangular container and elastic bands. Wrap each band the box horizontally and vertically creating small squares. And there you have it, a lipstick holder. J These are just some of the ideas we’ve got for you. There are other things you can do, just let out the creativeness and artistry in you. You can also check these two websites for more do it your own ideas.


Leg Makeup

You got bruises, scars, freckles and veins coming out of your legs and stops you from wearing miniskirts, shorts and bikinis? Well you have to thank leg makeup because it allows you again to go out in public with your legs off.

Makeup is not only applied on the face but also on legs. Its purpose is the same with face makeup. Its texture is thicker than the traditional concealer and foundation we put on our face. It hides scars, tattoos, veins, bruises, birthmarks and even your age, and the most important one; it will make your legs look smooth, flawless and perfect. It is made to be applied on different body areas, arms, stomach, back and the legs. With leg makeup, it ceased your longs pants outfit throughout the year, you don’t have to hide your legs with everyone, and you’ll have the confidence to walk in public showing your beautiful and perfect legs.

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How to do the leg makeup?Just like putting makeup on face, it has to be smooth. Moisturizer is to face as shaver is to legs. Your legs must be smooth as possible before starting the makeup process. So, shave, exfoliate and moisturize your legs. You must consider this tip: if you have scars, veins and raised impurities, it is recommended to apply primer that is in a gel or cram form to help out even the imperfections. Next, apply the body makeup. It works the same with face foundation. But, when you apply it, don’t be tempted to use your fingertips when blending it. Fingertips have natural oils which makes it harder for the makeup to blend well. Instead, use sponge when blending the makeup in your skin. Preferably, use the latex type and have that natural leg makeup finish. If you’re not satisfied with the coverage of the body makeup, you may put on concealer

Slikovni rezultat za Leg MakeupRemember to use brush when blending. It’s much better if the amount of concealer would be the same with the size that you want to cover up. The last thing you would do is to finish your work with a dusting of powder on your leg. It may sound a bit odd but it works the best. Finishing any makeup work with a dusting of powder helps makeup to stay longer on skin and helps it from smudging and staining your clothes. Helpful tip: let your makeup dry completely and totally before putting on your clothes. It saves your makeup from being ruined. 

Tips for keeps

You’ll be needing makeup brushes when you do your leg makeup. These brushes must be used in blending. DON’T USE FINGERTIPS.

Use smaller brushes to cover small scars while bigger brush hides larger scar.

A translucent type of powder is suggested to use as finishing.

Hygiene. Hygiene. Hygiene. Keep your tools clean all the time. Wash it every after use.

Almost all body makeup is in cream form, however, you can also find airbrush body makeup that you can easily apply.

When choosing powder, make sure that it matches your foundation and skin tone. Darker shade must also be used but don’t go any darker than your arms.

I hope this five simple steps can help you gain back confidence to go out in public wearing shorts, skirts and bikinis and show off your beautiful and perfect legs that everyone envy.