High End Cosmetics

Where can I find high end cosmetics?

If you are planning to own one of the most paid and upscale cosmetic products that is worth buying a buck? You have to do some serious researches online. Look for online sellers that offer wholesale. With that, you can have the upmarket product that you want in a low price. But, it is not as easy as you think. This top quality and sophisticated makeup are only sold to distributors- appointed distributors. The manufacturers of these products won’t sell or distribute cosmetics to small businesses. Often times, they don’t need advertisements or promotions of their products because they no longer need it since the demand is above high.

How will I know if it is authentic?

If you found a store that sells and offers high end makeup at a cheaper price, you have to be wary. You may encounter sellers that sell bulk products at a price lower than the expected. In such cases, the products might be fake, damaged and already expired. Just an advice; if you’re thinking to buy bulk orders and make the products as a gift or want to sell it, make sure that the seller uses traceable payment method. Don’t go for cash transfer. Also, don’t order large quantities right away, start with small orders so the risk will be minimized. A seller that shows pictures of products, states that product condition and previous payments or transactions made by customers then it is expected that the seller is genuine. Genuine sellers should also have their contact number posted for easy negotiation.

Slikovni rezultat za High End Cosmetics

High end cosmetic products worth splurging on

Dior skin airflash spray foundation- this product is a bit pricey, so use it only during occasion.

Dior skin forever compact powder-  I love how this compact powder can be used in two ways. It can work as a pressed powder and at the same time a bronzer which makes it convenient since I don’t have to carry two different make up in my bag and it comes in compact form. If you want to use it as a bronzer, choose the darker shade.

If you want this, you can find it on online stores such as eBay, Sephora and Amazon.


Tips and Tricks You Must Know to have Good Makeup

Every woman wants to look good and beautiful. They apply makeup everyday of their life. They make makeup as part of their daily routine. That’s why most ladies invest their money on good quality makeup. But who said you can’t make a good makeup without using high quality makeup? All you need to do is to know this simple and amazing tips and tricks below.

Choosing your makeup

You have to be extra careful when choosing makeup because your skin can be sensitive when it gets contact to such chemicals. Read the components on the back of the label so you’ll see what it is made up of. By doing that, you’ll Slikovni rezultat za GOOD MAKEUPlessen the possibility that your skin gets harmed. So what you’ll need is a concealer to hide the impurities and flaws visible on your skin. Next is foundation. When choosing foundation, choose the one that is close to your skin tone. For your eyes, it is best to keep it simple. You may use mascara and eyeliner. When you apply mascara, it is best if you apply to coats to make it highlighted and emphasized. When it comes to eyeliner, you may wear it in different ways. There are so many ways on how to wear it to give you extraordinary look. Now the last thing you need is something to color your lips. There is no specific color to wear. Actually, you can try mixing and experimenting colors to get the shade and hue that you want.

Tips that makeup artist didn’t told you about

This trick is used when applying mascara. Take an old plastic spoon, hold it under your eyes and apply your coat for your lower lash. It works by helping you not get any mascara under your eyes plus it also makes thicker coat much easy to apply.

Use scotch tape as eye stencil. This beauty aid will serve as a guide as you apply eye liner and your eyeshadow. It serves as a mark that your makeup should not go higher or lower than it. To use it, cut a small scotch tape and stick it on the area that you’re going to work on. For example, when you’re about to apply eyeshadow, stick it on the outer portion of eye, where you want your eyeshadow to end. It also helps you to have a balanced look for both eyes.

Slikovni rezultat za GOOD MAKEUPWhen applying blush on your face, don’t just apply it directly on face. Determine first the shape of face. Blush doesn’t just put and add color to face but also adds and defines contours of your face.

When you apply your mascara, don’t pump the wand thinking that you’re getting more mascara in your wand, what you’re actually adding is more air going inside the tube causing your mascara to dry fast and accumulate unattractive clumps.

If you want to make the base of your lashes look fuller and thicker without looking that your wearing makeup, take your eye liner and apply it in between your lashes.

We all have our favorite shade of lipstick. Before wearing it, it is nice to exfoliate your lips first. Use baby toothbrush when exfoliating lips. You may also use your own exfoliating mixture at home, mix sugar and coconut oil and apply it on lips before scrubbing the lips.

You don’t have to be an expert or professional to look beautiful and fabulous. Just follow the tricks mentioned on this article and you’ll have a perfect morning makeup routine. Enjoy ladies!


Cosmetic Store Outlet

Nowadays, men also wear makeup to look better and hide the impurities brought by dirt, pollution and stress. It is an advantage, not only for girls, but also for boys, to have good and clear skin. There are numbers of cosmetics that can help you look even better. They can be found on department store isles, drug stores, online stores and even specialty stores.

Good buy cosmetics

Most of us, when we buy cosmetic products, we do the trial and error method to see if the product will work for us; choosing perfect eye shade, lip color and the likes. This can be a little costly because at times, our skin color changes caused by time, aging and some illnesses. I recommend buying makeup on specialty stores instead on department stores. When you say specialty stores/vendors/traders, this means that the products they sell are specific to one brand. When you buy on this store, you get number of advantages. You don’t have to trial and error and guess matching when picking the right shade for you. This store often times offer services and recommends the shades that will perfectly complement your complexion, aside from that it also saves your time deciding which color to pick. The only drawback on specialty stores is that the items can sometimes be expensive compared to products sold on department stores and drug stores. Two of the most well known specialized brands are Avon and Blair. They come in brochures for easy browsing of their products. Sometimes, there are individuals who come over your door and offer such products. Though they are expensive, the quality and satisfaction they give can equate to same.

Cosmetics are now available at different department stores, numbers of outlets, variety of outlets and even online stores. Another option in buying makeup products is to buy directly from the manufacturer.

Cosmetic buying is highly individual

The options mentioned above can vary. We should also take into consideration the prices of each product. It depends on every person where they want to go makeup shopping. If they want to have options to chose from, hey could go over the drug store, department store aisles and cosmetics section. But if they don’t want their time to be wasted just choosing and deciding which shade to wear, then probably specialty stores should be their place. If you are a type of person where you want a relaxed shopping and wants the product to be delivered right in front of your door, then you would probably go for online shopping. Anything and anyone can have the best buy and best way when it comes to cosmetic purchasing because it all depends on an individual’s preference.


Black Eyeshadow for a Mysterious and Glamorous Look

Black has always been a favorite color by many because of its versatility. When you wear black, you look elegant and classy. You can wear black in any type of occasion. Same with black eyeshadow, you can wear it anytime you want, plus it can give you different eye looks by creating various effects. See them below.

Wearing the black eyeshade

black eyeshadowFirst thing you need to do is to choose the shade if black you want to war. There are different shades of black. You m
ay try experimenting which of them looks best on you. Black won’t do it alone, so choose a lighter shade which will compliment black, a shimmery and glittery shadow, light bronze, silver or champagne will do. You may use the
black eyeshadow to make as a base to cover entire eyelid but I suggest don’t. It will end up you look like having a raccoon’s eye; you have to mix it with lighter colored shadows. Instead, choose a lighter base to cover entire lid before applying black. Black is best worn on your creases and the outer corners of the eye. It gives your eyelids deep definition without overwhelming your eyes. Also, use black
eyeshadow as an accent color.

How to wear it?

Apply primer first so it will hold your eyeshadow longer and prevent them from holding on your crease making an unattractive crease line. Now take a light shade of eyeshadow and apply it on entire eyelid. Do the process as what you do when wearing different color of eyeshadow. Use only the black eyeshadow on your crease line, along your lash line and moving to the outer corner of eye. Don’t overdo it so as not to have a raccoon’s eye look. The trick here is to keep blending colors. The more you blend, the more subtle the black eye shade will be, creating a smokey eye effect. Also, when blended properly and correctly, the more it will look natural. You may now finish your eye makeup with your favorite mascara or you may use false lashes if you want.


How to Apply Eyeshadow Tips

If you want to draw and attract peoples’ attention on your eyes, having problem applying eyeshadow, and can’t even decide which shade suits you, then this article is right for you. There are many ways on how to apply eyeshadow and things to be considered. This article will show you on how an eyeshadow should be applied.

Consider things

  1. Time of the day and occasion you’ll be attending. If you’ll go out on day time, neutral and lighter shades are best. But if it is a night occasion, stronger and bolder hues can be used. You can go experimenting with different shades.
  2. Your skin tone. Always match colors that would compliment your skin tone.
  3. Strokes and styles differ from person to person, depending on the face and eye shape.

What you need

How to Apply EyeshadowI suggest have different shades of eyeshadow on hand, at least three. This will help you choose and blend colors. Additionally, there are looks that would require three different shades, light, medium and dark. For novice, neutral tones like brown or gray should be tried first, or any that looks appealing to you. Eyeshades may be applied with fingertips, but it is recommended to invest good brushes to help you apply eyehsadow with ease and give you better results. A stiff flat brush is used to cover entire lid. When you want to put on some color to your crease, a soft or stiff dome brush should be used and a soft pencil brush to add color on your lash line. An eyeliner and mascara should also be at your side to finish your look. Also, have in hand your makeup remover and a clean tissue or cotton ball to wipe of any smudge. And don’t forget the mirror so you can see how you work and how you’re doing.

Applying Eyeshadow

To start, it’s like doing your normal makeup. Wash your face, tone it, moisturize, and put on your foundation and your face powder. Apply light color of eyeshade first from your lash line to your brown bone. Don’t do it in back and forth motion. Pat it first then sweep it in short and slow strokes. This will give you a solid look and not patchy one. If you do it that way, the color will blend perfectly. Pink and light tones are commonly used. Then proceed to your lash line going to the crease. Use a medium shade.  And then accent your crease with the darkest shade that you have. Remember to do it slowly.  If you’re planning to use a highlighter makeup, don’t work your eyeshadow all the way through your brow. You don’t want to look it overdone, right?

Never forget the word blend when applying eyeshadow. Use appropriate brush for every application and don’t rush so as not to make your work messy and smudgy. It is best to use soft brush when blending; it will keep your eyeshade from smudging. Now that you know the steps and secrets on how to apply eyeshadow, it’s your time now to put it in action and have that beauty that your friends envy.