High End Cosmetics

Where can I find high end cosmetics?

If you are planning to own one of the most paid and upscale cosmetic products that is worth buying a buck? You have to do some serious researches online. Look for online sellers that offer wholesale. With that, you can have the upmarket product that you want in a low price. But, it is not as easy as you think. This top quality and sophisticated makeup are only sold to distributors- appointed distributors. The manufacturers of these products won’t sell or distribute cosmetics to small businesses. Often times, they don’t need advertisements or promotions of their products because they no longer need it since the demand is above high.

How will I know if it is authentic?

If you found a store that sells and offers high end makeup at a cheaper price, you have to be wary. You may encounter sellers that sell bulk products at a price lower than the expected. In such cases, the products might be fake, damaged and already expired. Just an advice; if you’re thinking to buy bulk orders and make the products as a gift or want to sell it, make sure that the seller uses traceable payment method. Don’t go for cash transfer. Also, don’t order large quantities right away, start with small orders so the risk will be minimized. A seller that shows pictures of products, states that product condition and previous payments or transactions made by customers then it is expected that the seller is genuine. Genuine sellers should also have their contact number posted for easy negotiation.

Slikovni rezultat za High End Cosmetics

High end cosmetic products worth splurging on

Dior skin airflash spray foundation- this product is a bit pricey, so use it only during occasion.

Dior skin forever compact powder-  I love how this compact powder can be used in two ways. It can work as a pressed powder and at the same time a bronzer which makes it convenient since I don’t have to carry two different make up in my bag and it comes in compact form. If you want to use it as a bronzer, choose the darker shade.

If you want this, you can find it on online stores such as eBay, Sephora and Amazon.


Perfect Makeup For You

Achieving a perfect makeup may seem hard and impossible to do. We have read lots of articles on how it is done but we end up confused and disillusioned. There are a lot of things that should take into consideration to get the look you want. This article will give and show you tips that will surely help you find what really works for you.

First thing and foremost, give your face a good wash before putting anything on your face. Tone your skin and moisturize if necessary. Put on your foundation all over your face and extend it on your jaw line so you will not look like you’re wearing a mask. When you put on your foundation, start by making five dots. One dot on your left and right cheeks, chin, forehead and nose bridge, blend it evenly. Next, wear the darker shade of eyeshadow from the base of your upper lashes going to your brow bone, then a dark shade on your eyelids. Now take your eyeliner, choose the one with natural tone, and then lightly line your upper and lower lid. Now let’s work with your mascara. For your upper lashes, hold the wand horizontally and start from roots to tips in zigzag motion. And for the lower lid, hold it vertically and sweep it side to side. And if you want to make your makeup last the whole day, it is recommended to spray mineral oil on your face.

Perfect MakeupHair, eye and skin color as well as skin texture plays a great role in makeup. You have to do color-matching to have the perfect makeup you want. Dramatic and striking makeup should look good to those who have light skin, medium or dark eyes and hair. If you are type of person who has medium brown hair, medium-light complexion and medium-dark eye color, you can pull off to a less dramatic look. And lastly, if you are a low contrast person, meaning your hair color is blonde, with light eye and skin color; you have to choose a dramatic look but doesn’t stand out. If you try to wear a dramatic and striking makeup, all they will notice is your makeup and not your beautiful features.

There are a lot of makeups and sometimes it is costly. If you are a thrift person, you can go for the cheaper ones and still have the good look you want.

If you have oily face, dust it off with mineral oil and have that oil face free.

Numbers of colors and shades emerges nowadays and it gets a little hard to choose which color is best. You don’t have to follow the trend. Just pick the color that you think will look good and compliment you. Remember, nothing beats natural beauty.

Darker shades shouldn’t be used to cover up your wrinkles and scar. It will make your beauty scars more pronounced.

It may be difficult to choose which color suits you, especially if there are lots of choices available. Keep this article always with you and you’ll never be intimated net time you face the makeup counter!


Makeup Highlighters

Wearing makeup changes your look, but finishing it with a highlighter can completely change your beauty like ever before. If you want to give yourself a dewy look and add a little life to your look, highlighter is the key. There are many things highlighter could do. Making your face glow, look better in candlelight and look more awake!

Areas to be applied:

The three main areas are your cheekbones and temple, eyes and your Cupid’s bow. But it looks even better when applied in areas like center of your eyelid, bridge of the nose and under the brow bone.

Applying Makeup Highlighter

Apply your foundation first. If you’re using a foundation brush, I suggest using the same when applying your highlighter. The excess powder left on brush would help blend with the highlighter to look more natural. When you apply on your cheeks to do some contouring, it is best to start from your apples going to your temples in a half heart stroke. When you apply it on your eyes, it will make your eyes bigger, wider and more awake. To have that Makeup Highlighterlook, apply the highlighter on your brow bone and inner corner or crease of the eye will make your eyes look awake. To make your eyes look bigger, a touch in the center of eyelid will do. To give your lips a clean look, apply highlighter just below the lips and on your Cupid’s bow before putting on your lipstick. It will also give a multidimensional color to your lipstick. If your favorite feature is your nose, you can also apply it there. Apply it along the bridge of your nose. If you want your nose to look slimmer, two darker shades of highlighter should be applied on each side of nose. Don’t go through the tip of nose or else your nose will look shiny. Never use highlighter as coverage. If you want an all over glow, you may apply one thin layer of makeup or you can mix your moisturizer with your liquid highlighter. Win-win!

Must know:

Pink tones are perfect and go so well to those who have very pale skin.

Always remember the word blend. That’s the key to make it look dewy and natural.

Highlighting your lips is rare but can harvest you great results.

Highlighters are applied after foundation or moisturizer but before concealer.

Blend your highlighter on the top most of your cheekbones to have that contouring effect.

To make the light look like coming from within, blush should be applied after the highlighter.

Remember, highlighter is applied after foundation or tinted moisturizer but before using concealer.


Most Valuable Cosmetics Brands in the World

Women who are good looking marry the most powerful and influential men in society during the ancient times. They are judged by how they look. Women have to care of their body for them to stand be labeled beautiful. There are many ways to enhance your beauty. Wearing fashionable clothes, exercising, going through a plastic surgery and wearing cosmetics can add beauty. One of the most important key factor and element in enhancing one’s beauty is makeup. Aside from it makes you feel extra attractive; it also boosts your confidence. Your face has to look ideal and perfect if not everything won’t matter. Women spend $100 billion worldwide in a span of 365 days buying cosmetic products as an effort to enhance their looks.

This article will talk about the most expensive makeup brands and the most valuable cosmetics makeup brands in the world.

Top 10 Expensive Makeup Brands

  1. The Smashbox

This makeup product focuses on lipsticks and eye products like eye shades.

  1. Nu Skin

They are known for their anti-aging products and they happen to be the leading brand. Their products are loved by many because it contains high level of antioxidants which makes the product more effective.

  1. Oriflame

It was founded in 1967 by the Swedish Jochnick brothers. Consumers would still buy this even if it is expensive because their ingredients are purist.

  1. Elizabeth Arden

They supply all necessary makeup the American women need to have that flawless appearance. But that was before. Now, they concentrate more on lipsticks and eye product- mascara.

  1. Artistry

Expensive Makeup BrandsA tandem of husband and wife started this product. They use science and nutrition to uplift and strengthen beauty. Their expensive products are justified because they incorporate fruits and plants that are unusual and they get it from Africa and Mediterranean.

  1. Estee Lauder

They are one of the best manufacturers when it comes to make-ups, perfumes, hair care and skin care products. They build their name in late 1940 and currently, they are available in over 150 countries worldwide.

  1. MAC Cosmetics

This brand and their products are considered to be high. They become successful through years because they always and constantly provide ingredients to give you a new look when ever needed.

  1. L’Oreal

L’Oreal has almost the complete range of makeup products that is why they are considered to be one of largest cosmetic companies in the whole world.

  1. Mary Kay

What makes Mary Kay to be expensive is that make sure that their products maintains the standard quality and gives excellent results to meet up their customers’ expectations.

  1. Chanel

It was started by Coco Chanel early 1900. They are well known because they provide fine cosmetics all over the world.


Permanent lip color

Perfectly shaped eyebrows, stunning eyeliner and eye catching red lips, that’s what every woman wants. We all want to look good in the eyes of everyone, but lazy enough to jump out the bed early morning to go through the monotonous routine of makeup application. Now, we don’t have to go through it, thanks to permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup has different options. You can go with permanent makeup eyeliner, eyebrow or even permanent makeup lips. Permanent makeup is a bunch of tattoos tattooed on someone’s face. The procedure is almost the same in getting a heart tattoo on your back. The difference is that permanent makeup is done to enhance what is already there. For example, your lips, when you have had permanent makeup, you add definition to your lips without wearing any lip liner.

How is it done?

Just like any other tattoo, permanent make up is done the same way. An ink-filled needle is being punctured and pricked into your skin several times. Though it is done the same tattoos are, they are not buried deeply into the skin, as the facial skin very is delicate. You have to undergo some skin tests before proceeding to the procedure. This is to test and see if you have any skin allergies. A local or topical anesthesia will be applied to the skin’s surface to minimize the pain. When you opted to choose to have permanent makeup lips or any other permanent makeup, make sure that the anesthesiologist is licensed, uses sterile gloves, machines and equipments to avoid any infections later on.

When can I have it removed?

lip colorA permanent makeup lasts a lifetime or maybe a few years until the ink fades away. If you choose to have permanent red lip tattoo, you’ll have it for a while. There are some clinics that has specialist which can help you decide which color and design suits you. You may have it removed any time but it will be more costly and more painful than undergoing the permanent makeup process. So think twice before coming up with a decision because you can’t turn back the clock once you have this.

After the procedure

It takes few days for the tattoo color fade from its original color. You may experience burning and swelling sensation around the surrounding tissue. A cold compress may be applied to reduce inflammation and take some antibiotic to fight any infection that may happen. It is also advised not to stay too long under the sun and use sunscreen protection to avoid and prevent any post-inflammatory color changes.