How to Do the Perfect Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow shapes can affect how other people make and give their impression to you. A perfectly shaped and arched eyebrow “wows” everyone. Working on eyebrows is one of the hardest things, especially if you have few to no hair at all. It can sometimes be frustrating seeing your face with no eyebrow hair at all. This article can help you shape and define your eyebrows perfectly.

Materials needed

  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyebrow powder
  • brush
  • Tweezers
  • Eyebrow razor
  • Eyebrow stencil

Shaping your eyebrows

Eyebrow MakeupAlways start with clean and dry eyebrows. You will be needing your eyebrow pencil, hold it straight beside your nose to see where your brow should start, mark that point, then angle it outwards, about 45 degrees to check where it should end. Don’t forget to mark that point too. Tweeze hair strays. Use brow razor to shave fine hairs that are too fine to be tweezed. Using a spoolie brush (it looks like the brush in your mascara wand), brush brows so you’ll see uneven hair parts. Trim it with scissors. There will always be unruly hairs, brush it down suing spoolie brush and trim it again. Now that you’re done cleaning and removing hair strays, we can now move and work to start filling your brows. There are two ways to start your brows. First is to line the underside of your brow and the other is to use short dash strokes to fill in sparse areas. Next, fill your brows with a brow powder using a brush. You can start on the arch of your eyebrow. Then without adding any product on your brush, continue outlining your brow up to the edge. Once you’re done, tap extra powder and start lining the upper side of the brow. Don’t make it to dark and harsh. It is best to make it light to look more natural. Use your spoolie brush to blend colors well. If you have a clear brow gel, you may use it for unruly hair. You can also use hairspray and spoolie brush as an alternative. Apply shimmery eye shadow on your brow bone to give your eyebrow makeup a clean look. Remember to blend it well so it will not look like a rectangular patch. Finish it with bold black mascara and you’re done!

Additional tip:

  • For more dramatic look, use bolder shades of eye pencil.
  • If brow powder is not available, you may use eye shadow similar to your brow color.


What Do I Get From Cosmetic Tattooing?

Have you ever thought of yourself looking great and awesome without wearing makeup? Worrying about your make up after a long day? Sick of going to the rest room to make retouch every now and then? Well, with the availability and accessibility of cosmetic tattooing or also known as permanent makeup, you can now look at your best all the time without worrying of your makeup!

How is it done?

If you hate the idea of putting makeup from time to time then this is for you. Fine needles filled with ink are pierced into skin’s layer several times. It should be done in a sterile area, with sterile instruments, and most important, a licensed and experienced anesthesiologist. Cosmetic tattooing is done to enhance, define, and cover dark spots, correction and so much more. If you have few hair brows or no hair at all, try having it tattooed in feathery strokes. It looks more natural. You can also have your lips tattooed if you want it to make as one of your features. How nice it is to drink in a wine glass without staining it? Aside from that, permanent makeup can also make your lashes fuller. Think of yourself coming out from the pool not worrying about your mascara smudging all over your face. If you love wearing eyeliners but easily gets pissed when it starts to smudge, then say thank you to permanent makeup tattoo. Say bye-bye to your eye pencils now.

How safe it is?

As mentioned above, licensed anesthesiologist is a must. Tattoo removal is more expensive and more painful. When you undergo cosmetic tattooing, a topical anesthesia is applied on the area. After the procedure, you will feel swelling with redness that goes away in few days. It is part of the process to achieve the result that you want. The color may be dark for few days but lightens and fades after time. Supportive measures for swelling is cold compress and take some antibiotics to minimize infection. It is advised to make a test if you are allergic to dyes to avoid and minimize further complications. There are also reported cases of HIV complications because of contaminated and unsterile devices. Tip: it is best to go and visit a reliable clinic so as prevent complications and infections on the latter part. Before jumping into your decision, think and weigh the pros and cons. Be very careful when choosing colors. Remember, if you pick green color for your eye liner, you’ll have it for years. You may have it removed if you’re not satisfied with the result but it is more expensive.


Perfect Makeup For You

Achieving a perfect makeup may seem hard and impossible to do. We have read lots of articles on how it is done but we end up confused and disillusioned. There are a lot of things that should take into consideration to get the look you want. This article will give and show you tips that will surely help you find what really works for you.

First thing and foremost, give your face a good wash before putting anything on your face. Tone your skin and moisturize if necessary. Put on your foundation all over your face and extend it on your jaw line so you will not look like you’re wearing a mask. When you put on your foundation, start by making five dots. One dot on your left and right cheeks, chin, forehead and nose bridge, blend it evenly. Next, wear the darker shade of eyeshadow from the base of your upper lashes going to your brow bone, then a dark shade on your eyelids. Now take your eyeliner, choose the one with natural tone, and then lightly line your upper and lower lid. Now let’s work with your mascara. For your upper lashes, hold the wand horizontally and start from roots to tips in zigzag motion. And for the lower lid, hold it vertically and sweep it side to side. And if you want to make your makeup last the whole day, it is recommended to spray mineral oil on your face.

Perfect MakeupHair, eye and skin color as well as skin texture plays a great role in makeup. You have to do color-matching to have the perfect makeup you want. Dramatic and striking makeup should look good to those who have light skin, medium or dark eyes and hair. If you are type of person who has medium brown hair, medium-light complexion and medium-dark eye color, you can pull off to a less dramatic look. And lastly, if you are a low contrast person, meaning your hair color is blonde, with light eye and skin color; you have to choose a dramatic look but doesn’t stand out. If you try to wear a dramatic and striking makeup, all they will notice is your makeup and not your beautiful features.

There are a lot of makeups and sometimes it is costly. If you are a thrift person, you can go for the cheaper ones and still have the good look you want.

If you have oily face, dust it off with mineral oil and have that oil face free.

Numbers of colors and shades emerges nowadays and it gets a little hard to choose which color is best. You don’t have to follow the trend. Just pick the color that you think will look good and compliment you. Remember, nothing beats natural beauty.

Darker shades shouldn’t be used to cover up your wrinkles and scar. It will make your beauty scars more pronounced.

It may be difficult to choose which color suits you, especially if there are lots of choices available. Keep this article always with you and you’ll never be intimated net time you face the makeup counter!


How to Apply Eyeshadow Tips

If you want to draw and attract peoples’ attention on your eyes, having problem applying eyeshadow, and can’t even decide which shade suits you, then this article is right for you. There are many ways on how to apply eyeshadow and things to be considered. This article will show you on how an eyeshadow should be applied.

Consider things

  1. Time of the day and occasion you’ll be attending. If you’ll go out on day time, neutral and lighter shades are best. But if it is a night occasion, stronger and bolder hues can be used. You can go experimenting with different shades.
  2. Your skin tone. Always match colors that would compliment your skin tone.
  3. Strokes and styles differ from person to person, depending on the face and eye shape.

What you need

How to Apply EyeshadowI suggest have different shades of eyeshadow on hand, at least three. This will help you choose and blend colors. Additionally, there are looks that would require three different shades, light, medium and dark. For novice, neutral tones like brown or gray should be tried first, or any that looks appealing to you. Eyeshades may be applied with fingertips, but it is recommended to invest good brushes to help you apply eyehsadow with ease and give you better results. A stiff flat brush is used to cover entire lid. When you want to put on some color to your crease, a soft or stiff dome brush should be used and a soft pencil brush to add color on your lash line. An eyeliner and mascara should also be at your side to finish your look. Also, have in hand your makeup remover and a clean tissue or cotton ball to wipe of any smudge. And don’t forget the mirror so you can see how you work and how you’re doing.

Applying Eyeshadow

To start, it’s like doing your normal makeup. Wash your face, tone it, moisturize, and put on your foundation and your face powder. Apply light color of eyeshade first from your lash line to your brown bone. Don’t do it in back and forth motion. Pat it first then sweep it in short and slow strokes. This will give you a solid look and not patchy one. If you do it that way, the color will blend perfectly. Pink and light tones are commonly used. Then proceed to your lash line going to the crease. Use a medium shade.  And then accent your crease with the darkest shade that you have. Remember to do it slowly.  If you’re planning to use a highlighter makeup, don’t work your eyeshadow all the way through your brow. You don’t want to look it overdone, right?

Never forget the word blend when applying eyeshadow. Use appropriate brush for every application and don’t rush so as not to make your work messy and smudgy. It is best to use soft brush when blending; it will keep your eyeshade from smudging. Now that you know the steps and secrets on how to apply eyeshadow, it’s your time now to put it in action and have that beauty that your friends envy.


Sugar Free Ice Cream and Gluten Free Cosmetics is the New Hit

We have heard about gluten free diet and sugar free ice cream we can learn more at houseofpops.ae. Ice cream is a sweet and refreshing treat. However, it’s high in sugar, calories, and possibly additives and artificial ingredients. Thus, you should read labels carefully if you want a more wholesome dessert. Ice cream can be part of a healthy, well-balanced diet if consumed occasionally and in moderation

People who suffer from Celiac disease did some serious scanning on products ingredients to check if it is gluten free. They have to abstain from products containing barley, rye, oats, wheat and malt. But have you ever thought that gluten can also be seen not only in foods but also in cosmetics?

Yes, it’s true. Cosmetics contain gluten. Wheat can be a source of vitamin E, while oats are known nourish and refine skin. When you go through the ingredients, you’ll not read them as oats/wheat, they hide in dozens of complicated names. Some cosmetic products claim that they are gluten free in which they don’t understand what it really means. What they run after is that people will buy it and they profit from it. They don’t know that it could be dangerous to those who have gluten intolerance especially when ingested (lipsticks). Looking for some gluten free makeup is sometimes hard so I listed below some of gluten free cosmetics you might want to try.

Bare Minerals

This corporation gives you an extensive list of gluten –free products on their website. They also have disclaimer that would inform people that those products processed in an environment that contains wheat, rye, barley and oat derivatives. Nonetheless, people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity who are using this product report no issue.

Cover Girl

Gluten Free CosmeticsEverybody knows that celiac is a serious type of disease that. Covergirl gives you clear information on their products ingredients whether wheat or gluten is added directly to the product. The scents that they use come from their suppliers and it can be contaminated by a very small amount of gluten. But don’t be alarmed. They sought and consulted physicians to give some advice. Fortunately, it is unlikely for a person with celiac to have a reaction with just a trace amount of gluten when it comes contact to skin and hair. The reason for this is gluten should be ingested for it to cause a reaction. Since sensitivity to gluten varies among people, it would be best to ask your physician.

Ecco Bella

I can say that this is one of safest brand to use. They produce gluten free makeup, skin and hair care that is of quality. What made me say that it’s one of the safest? It’s because the company said that there products contains no gluten and wheat protein. And their products are safe to use for their customers with celiac sprue. (No big company would want to put their name in trouble)
IT Cosmetics

This company produces two products that contain gluten; the Hello Lashes and Tightline mascara. The rest of its products are guaranteed gluten free. So if you’re a fan of IT Cosmetics but you suffer from gluten sensitivity, then stay away from their mascara. The rest of the products should be safe and ok to use.

Joelle Cosmetics

They are also known as My Mineral Glitters. They consider and call themselves as the celiac friendly cosmetics. They are also the largest and biggest store that offers gluten less skin care solutions. They have their online store in case you might want to try their products. There are tons of options to choose from.