Most Valuable Cosmetics Brands in the World

Women who are good looking marry the most powerful and influential men in society during the ancient times. They are judged by how they look. Women have to care of their body for them to stand be labeled beautiful. There are many ways to enhance your beauty. Wearing fashionable clothes, exercising, going through a plastic surgery and wearing cosmetics can add beauty. One of the most important key factor and element in enhancing one’s beauty is makeup. Aside from it makes you feel extra attractive; it also boosts your confidence. Your face has to look ideal and perfect if not everything won’t matter. Women spend $100 billion worldwide in a span of 365 days buying cosmetic products as an effort to enhance their looks.

This article will talk about the most expensive makeup brands and the most valuable cosmetics makeup brands in the world.

Top 10 Expensive Makeup Brands

  1. The Smashbox

This makeup product focuses on lipsticks and eye products like eye shades.

  1. Nu Skin

They are known for their anti-aging products and they happen to be the leading brand. Their products are loved by many because it contains high level of antioxidants which makes the product more effective.

  1. Oriflame

It was founded in 1967 by the Swedish Jochnick brothers. Consumers would still buy this even if it is expensive because their ingredients are purist.

  1. Elizabeth Arden

They supply all necessary makeup the American women need to have that flawless appearance. But that was before. Now, they concentrate more on lipsticks and eye product- mascara.

  1. Artistry

Expensive Makeup BrandsA tandem of husband and wife started this product. They use science and nutrition to uplift and strengthen beauty. Their expensive products are justified because they incorporate fruits and plants that are unusual and they get it from Africa and Mediterranean.

  1. Estee Lauder

They are one of the best manufacturers when it comes to make-ups, perfumes, hair care and skin care products. They build their name in late 1940 and currently, they are available in over 150 countries worldwide.

  1. MAC Cosmetics

This brand and their products are considered to be high. They become successful through years because they always and constantly provide ingredients to give you a new look when ever needed.

  1. L’Oreal

L’Oreal has almost the complete range of makeup products that is why they are considered to be one of largest cosmetic companies in the whole world.

  1. Mary Kay

What makes Mary Kay to be expensive is that make sure that their products maintains the standard quality and gives excellent results to meet up their customers’ expectations.

  1. Chanel

It was started by Coco Chanel early 1900. They are well known because they provide fine cosmetics all over the world.


French Beauty Products

We all get fascinated, enthralled and captivated by French beauty products. Every time we had a trip to Paris, we never leave without French products inside our bags. Through the years, these products are loved by many because of the effective formulas they give and selling at a reasonable price. Luckily, we don’t have to go to Paris to have such, because French products are now available in Australia and of course, online. Listed below are some of the best picks of the customers.

Cleanance Gel Soap less Cleanser by Avène’

This product is loved by many because it suits all types of skin, even if you have the most sensitive skin on the planet. It doesn’t contain any soap which makes it mild and gentle on skin and doesn’t cause your skin to dry. They get its main ingredient from Avène’s own thermal spring in southern France. It is known to treat skin diseases like psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

French Beauty ProductsWhy is this loved by most girls? It’s because it can be used in many ways, from cleanser to makeup remover, it could also be used as a primer, can be mixed to foundation and it even gives your hair extra texture. This product is really a moisturizer and really hydrates your skin, so your skin looks glowing and stays healthy. The quick and fast absorbing formula gives you a feeling and look like you don’t wearing anything.

Crealine H20 Makeup Remover by Bioderma

Almost all French beauty products are loved and cherished by women. Simply because of the satisfying results and outcomes it gives, just like this Crealine H20 Makeup Remover. This makeup remover is so nice that when you remove your makeup, you don’t need water to rinse, thus it still cleans and tones your skin. The formula contains cucumber extract which soothes the skin and helps prevent your face from becoming red when constantly used.

Vinexpert Eye and Lip Serum by Caudalie

Why do we patronize it? This is an age defying product. They get the anti-aging element from grape wine. This is a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic so you can apply it on your eyelids and, around your lips and under your eyes to reduce and lessen wrinkles and skin folds making your skin firmer and brighter!

Uriage Crème Lavante

Just like Avène’, they also have thermal spring water of their own which is known to treat various skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.  They also own a thermal centre located at the foot of French Alps and treated about 4000 patients in 365 days. This Uriage Crème Lavante is a cleansing milk containing glycerin so the hydrating effect is more intense. This is also suitable for babies and children.

Aquasource Night High Density Hydrating Jelly  by Biotherm

Almost all skin care products from Paris have a natural and light scent, so as this hydrating jelly. This is infused with thermal plankton cellular water, which helps retain and improve skin moisture during cold and dry weather conditions. This is best applied at night before bed time. The jelly creates a shield that will keep your skin moisturized and re-hydrated while you sleep.


Applying Eyeshadow: Tips on How to Wear

Most women don’t get the right trick on how to properly apply eyeshadow and sometimes they end up looking like a clown. I’ve got here some easy tips and steps on how to get it right.

The first thing to consider is:

  1.  Shape of the eye- there are different types of eyes, from rounded to almond to Asian to hooded lids and dark lids. There’s a certain stroke for every eye shape.
  2. Eye color- don’t try to pick color that is in contrast to the color of your eye. Instead, choose colors that compliment and goes with your eye color. A lighter shade for natural eye color and dark tone for darker eye color.
  3. Skin tone- always remember, women with fair skin should go with lighter shade to enhance and to define their eyes, while those with lighter skin color should wear dark eyeshadow shade to bring and draw attention to their eyes.
  4. Clothing- many of us women try to choose eyeshade color that is the same with the color of our dress. That is a big no no. When you do that, you end up looking silly and funny. (Don’t let it trick you again).
  5. Applicator- the applicator plays a great role when applying eyeshadow. Dirty or previously used applicator will not give you the color result that you wanted. Because a dirty applicator has some residues left and when you use it, the residues will mix up to your eyeshadow giving you a different color.
  6. Don’t overdo it- we wear eyeshadow to bring out and compliment the natural color of our eyes.Applying Eyeshadow Learn how to balance, not too much and not too little. Here’s a tip: always put less color to your brush because it’s much easy to add eyeshadow than to remove it.

You may apply eye make-up first, once you’re done, you can now put concealer or foundation to the rest of your face. By doing this, it will be easier to remove any eye powder that may have flaked and crumbled underneath. Prepare your eye with concealer and dust it off with powder before applying eyeshadow.

Blending in

This is the stage when you already mastered the proper and correct application of eye makeup. It is very important that it is properly done so you won’t end up with a mess. Overdoing or let’s say too much eye makeup has been applied, don’t be tempted to wipe off everything. Grab a piece of cotton and gently blot any excess makeup until you reach and achieve the desired result. When you want to make a blended effect, make sure that you only lightly brush the applied areas to achieve this effect.

how to apply eyeshadowEyeshadow application tips 

  • If you want to get a sophisticated and classic look, matte powder eyeshades should be applied. It will also give emphasis on your eye color and shape.
  • Giving shiny eye look is ok. Shine is best applied on the brow bone.
  • Have atleast two eye shadow applicator on hand to prevent color mixing.
  •  Tapping off the brush before applying prevents over-application of eyeshadow.
  • After applying eyeshadow, it is best to finish with an eyeliner and mascara.

Glitter Makeup Makes You Shine

Most of us love glittery and shiny things. That’s why when we do some art crafts, glitters are always on the list. Aside from making your work bright and colorful, it could also lift up your mood when you feel blue. Glitter is not only for little girls who want to do some art craft, it’s also for grown up ladies who want to spice up their makeup look. So put out your old dusty crafts box and explore the glitter world of makeup and start rocking the glitter look.  Get this 5 glitter makeup tips and receive number of compliments.

Don’t overload

Glitter may sometimes be irritating to some areas and feel uncomfortable especially if not applied properly. A little bit of glitter is enough. If you want to wear glitter, make it specific to one area. You don’t want to look like you just popped out of a crafts box. So choose where are you going stick your glitters, whether your eyes, nails, eyeshadow, lips or shoes. That’s the rule of one.

Consider the Occasion

You might want to keep away from the glittery look on a formal occasion like business meetings, and professional surroundings. But if you’re out with your friends for a walk, stroll or mall shopping, glittery lipstick and polish is ok to add a little fun to your look.

Apply Properly

glitter makeupThis has not something to do with strokes. What I mean about this is the area where you’re going to apply it as this can be irritating. When you’re using loose glitter eyeshade, spray your applicator first with a setting agent to keep the glitter and in place.

Coordinate your outfit 

Remember the rule of one. Go for a subtle and light makeup if you wearing sparkly dresses or shoes because what you want is to look glamorous and fabulous.

Touch ups 

Makeup will really wear off throughout the day. Even if you used a setting agent, sparkles will find its way to spread. Have in hand a setting spray just in case your glitter makeup goes off. If there are any loose sparkles, just dust it off with glitters.

Now we’re done with the tips. It’s your time now to try and explore and give yourself that glittery glamour look!


Green Eyeshadow: Tips on How to Wear it

Tired of trying which eyeshade perfectly fits your eye color? Asked others opinion which eyeshadow to wear? Most women surely have experienced this. Trying different shades of eyeshadow will help learn if what color perfectly fits your eyelids, just like green eyeshadow.

Matching eyeshadows with you eyes

Certain eye colors go well with green eyeshadow, while others do not. A shade of green eyeshade looks great on people who have green eyes. But of course, it takes practice, time and patience too. Trying other color of eye makeup that is different to your eye color will help you decide which shadow looks most appealing to you. While most of the time, wearing a shade that is a little bit lighter than your eye color makes your eye more prominent whereas a darker shade gives your eye an extreme look that would catch other people’s attention. Green eyeshadow looks good and fine too to those who have brown eyes

Experiment on colors

Green EyeshadowIf you want to try and give yourself a new look, you might try wearing green eyeshadow. Mixing it with other colors is a good idea to see if it perfectly suits your style and fashion. To cite an example, try wearing shade of pink to the half part of your eyelid then a lighter green on the other half. If you wish to try something like this, see to it that the when you pick colors, make sure it goes well when blended with one another. Pastel colors go really well with other lighter tones, just like light pink and light green.

Wearing green eye makeup is just like wearing a different shade of eyeshadow. Even if you are blue eyed, there are several shades of green that goes justly and rightly to you. Wearing green makeup could do several things from making your eyes pop or choosing a look that suits your personality. All you have to do is try it with different shades and color be surprised with the result.