Free Cosmetic Samples without Surveys

Distribution of free cosmetic samples without surveys is one of the strategies and tactics of a beauty company to make their name and products popular. They give different forms of beauty products, from skin care, hair care and cosmetics. These free products are also available at department store isle. They, the sales clerk, will ask you to fill up their forms or sometimes coupons and then you will have now the free samples. Some companies start making their own tester’s booth. The customers then try the products to see it passes their standards and tastes as well. People who will try this will really save money since they don’t have to spend money to see if the product is good or not.

Where and how can I get free samples without surveys?

You can have it directly from companies but it’s a little bit hard, or if you want, you visit some websites, twitter, facebook pages and email. Just browse through their website as frequent as you can. Answer their questions and fill up numbers of forms. There are other websites wherein in if you find the product interesting, just fill out the form and order the sample through mail. The product will then be delivered sooner, or in some cases it may take up to eight weeks, depending on the company. You may also do this, visit their website page, and subscribe to their newsletter to keep you updated if there are any promotions. Like their facebook page, leave a comment and send them a friendly mail. The products that they send you are samples size. Sometimes, there are products that don’t come in trial size so they send you the full size product!

Why do companies do this?

Free Cosmetic SampleGiving away free samples is just one of the marketing strategies that companies make. Almost 1/3 of the population is women, that is why when there are free makeup samples without surveys, it’s the women that is more interested in availing them. When the products are already on the hand of the customers, there is this possibility that their sales will increase because of the saying that goes “if people try, they might buy”. Once they have tried it and they liked it, they surely will brag it to their friends, and since it got a good feedback, people who heard it will give it a try thus giving the company an increase on their sales. Another reason is why they do this strategy is when they do monitoring on contest and competition between companies. Aside from that, it also gives them an idea on how to draw the attention of possible buyers in the future.

Advantages and disadvantages of samples without surveys

  • It saves your money because you don’t have to spend a dime to try a shade of new lipstick if it will suit your taste.
  • Cosmetic samples without surveys have no assurance and doesn’t promise you if it is of quality or not.
  • Also, it may give your skin some allergies and rashes after usage.

Examples of cosmetic samples that are given away are lotions, hair care, skin care, and makeup.


When to go for Blue Eyeshadow

If you have decided to go for blue eyeshade for a change in your look this is the best article for you.  We’re going to help you decide which shade of blue will best compliment you, share with you some tips on how to wear it and many more.

Choosing Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshade works with almost all eye colors.  It has varieties of shades. It comes in deep blue, royal blue, dark blue, light blue, navy blue and the likes. Though it works fine with every eye color, there are still some factors that you have to put into consideration, like your hair type, skin and eye color. Choose shades such as ocean blue for fair skin type while intense blue for those who have darker skin color. Now that you know the different shades of blue, you also have to take note the type of eyeshadow that you’re going to use. Eyeshades comes in different forms, there are gel, cream, loose, glitter and many more. You can try and play colors to see yourself which and what perfectly suits you and your taste as well.

Applying blue eyeshadow

Work on a clean face. So wash your face with soap and rinse with water. pat dry with a clean fluffy towel. Hide blemishes using concealer. Cover face with foundation, making sure it extends on your jaw line. Blend it well. Now let’s work on with your eyes. Apply primer to hold the shadow last longer (you may skip this if you don’t have a primer). We’re going to create a smokey effect using blue eyeshadow. Apply the lighter shade on entire eyelid. Next, the deepest tone should only be applied to highlight eye corners.  To create the illusion that you want, pick your darkest shade and apply it on the crease of your eye. Remember to blend. Finish your look with lots of mascara.

Additional tips

blue eyeshadowDarker shades are only applied on your creases. It should not reach your brow bone.

If you want to do blending, lighter shades such as tan, grey, and brown should be used. Apply it on entire eyelid and your shade of choice should be applied on upper lash line or on your eyelid up to the creases.

Don’t wear eyeshadow that is the same with the color of your outfit. If you’re wearing blue eyeshade, go for plain whites so the attention will still be on your eyeshadow.

If you want to put your hands back on black eyeliner, you can go for colored liners. Make sure that it matches the darkest shade of your eye makeup. Other eyeliner shades that can be used are the metallic ones, like silver, gold, bold pink and even metallic shimmery blue liner will still work and can give you amazing results.

Black mascaras compliments well with blue eyeshades. Wear only natural make up on your cheeks and lips. No to colored lipsticks such as pink, red and etc.


Black Eyeshadow for a Mysterious and Glamorous Look

Black has always been a favorite color by many because of its versatility. When you wear black, you look elegant and classy. You can wear black in any type of occasion. Same with black eyeshadow, you can wear it anytime you want, plus it can give you different eye looks by creating various effects. See them below.

Wearing the black eyeshade

black eyeshadowFirst thing you need to do is to choose the shade if black you want to war. There are different shades of black. You m
ay try experimenting which of them looks best on you. Black won’t do it alone, so choose a lighter shade which will compliment black, a shimmery and glittery shadow, light bronze, silver or champagne will do. You may use the
black eyeshadow to make as a base to cover entire eyelid but I suggest don’t. It will end up you look like having a raccoon’s eye; you have to mix it with lighter colored shadows. Instead, choose a lighter base to cover entire lid before applying black. Black is best worn on your creases and the outer corners of the eye. It gives your eyelids deep definition without overwhelming your eyes. Also, use black
eyeshadow as an accent color.

How to wear it?

Apply primer first so it will hold your eyeshadow longer and prevent them from holding on your crease making an unattractive crease line. Now take a light shade of eyeshadow and apply it on entire eyelid. Do the process as what you do when wearing different color of eyeshadow. Use only the black eyeshadow on your crease line, along your lash line and moving to the outer corner of eye. Don’t overdo it so as not to have a raccoon’s eye look. The trick here is to keep blending colors. The more you blend, the more subtle the black eye shade will be, creating a smokey eye effect. Also, when blended properly and correctly, the more it will look natural. You may now finish your eye makeup with your favorite mascara or you may use false lashes if you want.


Sugar Free Ice Cream and Gluten Free Cosmetics is the New Hit

We have heard about gluten free diet and sugar free ice cream we can learn more at houseofpops.ae. Ice cream is a sweet and refreshing treat. However, it’s high in sugar, calories, and possibly additives and artificial ingredients. Thus, you should read labels carefully if you want a more wholesome dessert. Ice cream can be part of a healthy, well-balanced diet if consumed occasionally and in moderation

People who suffer from Celiac disease did some serious scanning on products ingredients to check if it is gluten free. They have to abstain from products containing barley, rye, oats, wheat and malt. But have you ever thought that gluten can also be seen not only in foods but also in cosmetics?

Yes, it’s true. Cosmetics contain gluten. Wheat can be a source of vitamin E, while oats are known nourish and refine skin. When you go through the ingredients, you’ll not read them as oats/wheat, they hide in dozens of complicated names. Some cosmetic products claim that they are gluten free in which they don’t understand what it really means. What they run after is that people will buy it and they profit from it. They don’t know that it could be dangerous to those who have gluten intolerance especially when ingested (lipsticks). Looking for some gluten free makeup is sometimes hard so I listed below some of gluten free cosmetics you might want to try.

Bare Minerals

This corporation gives you an extensive list of gluten –free products on their website. They also have disclaimer that would inform people that those products processed in an environment that contains wheat, rye, barley and oat derivatives. Nonetheless, people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity who are using this product report no issue.

Cover Girl

Gluten Free CosmeticsEverybody knows that celiac is a serious type of disease that. Covergirl gives you clear information on their products ingredients whether wheat or gluten is added directly to the product. The scents that they use come from their suppliers and it can be contaminated by a very small amount of gluten. But don’t be alarmed. They sought and consulted physicians to give some advice. Fortunately, it is unlikely for a person with celiac to have a reaction with just a trace amount of gluten when it comes contact to skin and hair. The reason for this is gluten should be ingested for it to cause a reaction. Since sensitivity to gluten varies among people, it would be best to ask your physician.

Ecco Bella

I can say that this is one of safest brand to use. They produce gluten free makeup, skin and hair care that is of quality. What made me say that it’s one of the safest? It’s because the company said that there products contains no gluten and wheat protein. And their products are safe to use for their customers with celiac sprue. (No big company would want to put their name in trouble)
IT Cosmetics

This company produces two products that contain gluten; the Hello Lashes and Tightline mascara. The rest of its products are guaranteed gluten free. So if you’re a fan of IT Cosmetics but you suffer from gluten sensitivity, then stay away from their mascara. The rest of the products should be safe and ok to use.

Joelle Cosmetics

They are also known as My Mineral Glitters. They consider and call themselves as the celiac friendly cosmetics. They are also the largest and biggest store that offers gluten less skin care solutions. They have their online store in case you might want to try their products. There are tons of options to choose from.


French Beauty Products

We all get fascinated, enthralled and captivated by French beauty products. Every time we had a trip to Paris, we never leave without French products inside our bags. Through the years, these products are loved by many because of the effective formulas they give and selling at a reasonable price. Luckily, we don’t have to go to Paris to have such, because French products are now available in Australia and of course, online. Listed below are some of the best picks of the customers.

Cleanance Gel Soap less Cleanser by Avène’

This product is loved by many because it suits all types of skin, even if you have the most sensitive skin on the planet. It doesn’t contain any soap which makes it mild and gentle on skin and doesn’t cause your skin to dry. They get its main ingredient from Avène’s own thermal spring in southern France. It is known to treat skin diseases like psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

French Beauty ProductsWhy is this loved by most girls? It’s because it can be used in many ways, from cleanser to makeup remover, it could also be used as a primer, can be mixed to foundation and it even gives your hair extra texture. This product is really a moisturizer and really hydrates your skin, so your skin looks glowing and stays healthy. The quick and fast absorbing formula gives you a feeling and look like you don’t wearing anything.

Crealine H20 Makeup Remover by Bioderma

Almost all French beauty products are loved and cherished by women. Simply because of the satisfying results and outcomes it gives, just like this Crealine H20 Makeup Remover. This makeup remover is so nice that when you remove your makeup, you don’t need water to rinse, thus it still cleans and tones your skin. The formula contains cucumber extract which soothes the skin and helps prevent your face from becoming red when constantly used.

Vinexpert Eye and Lip Serum by Caudalie

Why do we patronize it? This is an age defying product. They get the anti-aging element from grape wine. This is a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic so you can apply it on your eyelids and, around your lips and under your eyes to reduce and lessen wrinkles and skin folds making your skin firmer and brighter!

Uriage Crème Lavante

Just like Avène’, they also have thermal spring water of their own which is known to treat various skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.  They also own a thermal centre located at the foot of French Alps and treated about 4000 patients in 365 days. This Uriage Crème Lavante is a cleansing milk containing glycerin so the hydrating effect is more intense. This is also suitable for babies and children.

Aquasource Night High Density Hydrating Jelly  by Biotherm

Almost all skin care products from Paris have a natural and light scent, so as this hydrating jelly. This is infused with thermal plankton cellular water, which helps retain and improve skin moisture during cold and dry weather conditions. This is best applied at night before bed time. The jelly creates a shield that will keep your skin moisturized and re-hydrated while you sleep.